Does Andre lose sleep over the Bapezilla.2?

Seriously. Crazy inventory. I check on it from time to time just to see if any are selling, some sort of morbid curiosity i guess. I think 5 or less have sold this year maybe, even with the 30% off holiday sales. Super curious about the talks that took place to make Andre decide to take on such a massive amount of these yoyos last year. I’m assuming because the Viszilla sold like hotcakes everyone thought the Bapezilla.2 would sell the same, but what actually happened is that everyone who wanted one already bought a Viszilla and decided they didn’t really want another, even if the colorway was better. Pretty sad that the lack of sales seems to have discouraged Anti-Yo from releasing anymore models, even though the issue should have been obvious. I’d also be curious to know of other yoyos you see in the store that are overstocked.

I played the prototype of the supposed next Anti-Yo and I enjoyed it a lot. Have been waiting for more word on it, but now that you bring this up… a lot more stuff makes sense

Yeah the Countach i think i heard it was gonna be called? Made a thread about it before. Seriously looks like an awesome yoyo. I follow Sunny on Instagram hoping for news, but nothing in months and months. Sigh.

Also just did some quick mental math and there’s 700+ Dark Magic IIs in the YYE store. I realize they sell a lot to beginners because of the tutorials, but wow, guess i never realized the kind of inventory they have, that’s seriously mind blowing. Wonder what the turnover is like.

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Idk but I’m interested to see what others think.

That new anti-yo oh my gosh soooooooooooo floaty.

Honestly he should just sell them all for like $30. They would all be gone within minutes. Then he doesn’t have to worry about them anymore… then they are gone. Of course he would lose money but at least they would be gone.

I just realized that is almost $10K in yoyos…

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Guessing they paid $50-$70 per, so not so bad. The DMIIs actually surprise me more. Even at $20 a piece that’s $14k+ in yoyos. Pretty impressive. Would love to see Andre’s books. Andre, need a part time analyst/research/business consultant? :wink:

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Yup, I really like the way it feels in palm too

Note… The following is purely my opinion partly based on knowing Andre for many years.

He does not worry about ‘slow inventory’. There may be other more accurate words, but worry is not one of them.

Buying miscalculations are part of the Business. Yoyo buyers are pretty fickle. They are somewhat unpredictable.

The Bape2 is an Excellent yoyo. Andre prepared for ’ a rush’, but the momentum died. I think people just did not want to deal at that Pricepoint? The yoyo is a Blast to play. I wish it would have released at about $110 or so, just to see if the 145 was the deal breaker? <> dunno?

If… If, Andre was really ‘worried’, he could Always just blow them out at cost and recoup his investment. The fact that he seems to be in No rush to liquidate them, tells me he feels no Urgency to blow em out.

On the DM 2’s… I am not allowed to give you production figures, but you guys would be Astounded, to know how many Dark Magic 2’s that Dale makes. I will tell you this, it is Waaay more than you think, lol.

Andre worries more about Diapers in stock at home, the baby and getting enough sleep to get some work done each day.

He doesn’t worry about ‘dusting yoyos’ that sit on the shelves.


Now you have me extremely interested to know more about this. haha… Because you just made me realize YYJ is a more popular brand that doesn’t only cater to yoyo stores, but sites like Amazon and big toy stores as well.

I think I share NathanC’s curiousity to a certain extent. But more along the lines of: the more I think about the numbers (and how I don’t really know the numbers), the more I realize I know nothing about how yoyo retail really works.

For all I know, YYF’s main profits could come from the sale of response pads. :wink: (don’t really think that’s the case, but hey, I actually don’t know!)

Certainly appreciate that bit of insight into the business, Doc. Now of course we’re all curious about how many DM2s Dale makes. Not asking or digging, just saying… curious now!

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You’re extremely right on this one! It’s iust a show of knowing what priority somethings in life have over others. André is a smart guy and will do what needs to be done just at the right time not a minute before or a minute after.

Thanks for more of the great YoYoDoc info good post as usual sir! Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your great and informative post.

The Bape 2s will sell eventually, sometimes people make miscalculations when speculating. That’s why it’s called speculating. After the bad press on the YWET I probably would’ve been tentative on any future Anti-Yo product that featured a similar outdated design but I guess the Viszilla did well enough that pouring cash into the Bape 2 seemed worthwhile. Too bad it’s the same yoyo at a fairly high price point. For some people the Bape 2’s iconic colorway could have been a motivator to pick it up, to me it is bland and overdone and I strongly prefer the Viszilla (though I own neither).

The turnover rate on DM2s is probably insane on this site. It’s not like there are hundreds of 1 bland solid color. I have no interest in the DM2 as a yoyo but some of them look neat enough I’d actually consider picking one up. I’m sure tons of people buy it as one of their first yoyos and I’m sure many buy more than one because of the cool colorways and a relatively low price point for a quality item. I’m sure there is a reason they have an enormous stock of DM2s.

I’m interested in that Bapezilla. 2, but it’s nowhere near the top of my list. When buyers can see how many are in stock, they perceive it as no rush to move on buying them. So, the fact of whether or not they are selling is not necessarily reflective of the overall potential “interest.” Whether that is actually the case here, I cannot be sure. I am interested, because it’s a great looking yo-yo, but seeing the stock, if I want to bust a move, I see that I have plenty of time. Some people will see the price of that yo-yo, see the stock, and anticipate the next huge sale to take advantage of it’s availability. As yoyodoc stated, It would never be a case of losing sleep, because even if they sold at cost, down the line, there is no loss. Besides, while those might be sitting, many other things in the store are moving, so there is an overall balance where the books are concerned.

As for the DMIIs, It would not surprise me if that was YoyoJams best all time selling yo-yo. I watched him stock those black ones with gold rims. That one is my favorite, so I made it a point to watch them. I can’t remember if he had 100 or 75 in stock…but they sold in no time, it was amazing. I have seen him stock those black spade editions and toxic frog editions over and over again. I would love to see the numbers on sales of the DMII. Not going to happen…but I’d love to see.

I figured Andre must have picked up all the Bapezilla.2 that Anti-Yo couldn’t sell to other stores. With such a high number I’d speculate that he either got them at a really good price or may even have a deal where he only pays when they sell. Most of the other stores have sold out of their stock by selling them at a sale price, but YYE has only rarely used sales to sell excess stock. If you look around the shop you’ll see YYE has such a large inventory the Bapezilla.2s are just a small fraction of it all. YYE also has so many other yoyos are that being sold I guess they can afford to have misses in their stocking.

I remember a few years back being shocked at how many DMIIs YYE had in stock. I think it was in the high hundreds. I’m sure since then they’ve sold most of them and bought more to replenish their stocks. Also remember Andre likely gets a little extra from the DMII sales cause it’s his sig yoyo.

Check out how many Might Fleas YYE currently has. Then come back in 6 months to see how many are left.

What a mature, insightful thread. Lots of good input!

I don’t see much of a purpose for someone to pay more than 80-100 dollars for a yo-yo. The only thing that you’re buying is the brand, the yo-yo itself doesn’t cost THAT much to make. If you really want a specific yo-yo I can understand getting it off retail, but you can get some amazing deals at the BST. I understand not all yo-yos are the same and you have some new odd shapes and colorways, but 145$ for a yo-yo? I suppose I’ll understand when I’m older and can afford that kind of money.

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We should make it a rule that every post in an industry thread has to end with this. LOL



We all know it’s true…We’re ignorant