Show off your Anti-Yo!!!

I didn’t see this thread here, so I figured I’d start one.

I’m really lazy when it comes to taking pictures of the stuff I have (I posted it somewhere on the forum ;D)

I’ll take one with my Anti-Yo throws since its my fave brand so I’ll come edit my post.

two Bapezillas


Anti-Yo <3


;D ;D
DSC04019 par zombieyo, sur Flickr

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Been waiting to post here till I reached my goal of having an all blue and all green Bapezilla! Although I dont have all of the Anti-Yos ever made like the people above do I still feel very happy about what I am lucky to have. I remember when I was doubting if I was ever going to own just one Bape, never mind two!!

Nothing fancy, just a regular shot from above and one of them on their sides. Bape Bape Copper YWET

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Ahhhh…The Anti-Yo’s.
Some of the first YoYo’s I bought when I started throwing.
I also have a BSP, but it lives in my Titanium case.

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Right now I’m only lacking a Gouda! but I think I may have to give up on the hunt :slight_smile:

I’m also too lazy to post pics but I’m lucky enough to have,

Anti Yo

2 Bapezillas ( one trimmed down)
2 Eetsits ( one dark unengraved blue)
YWET (1/30 unengraved)

I really want to add a BPZL into the mix here lol

I have…one:
driywet by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
driywetb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

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Heres some.

dri-ywet and bapezilla2 love


Sliq and Ti.


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This is a company that I keep waiting for them to release something that will just blow my socks off…

Anti-Yo ??? Are you listening??

These are some of my favorite YoYo’s in that they were some of the first “High End” YoYo’s that I was able to buy back in the day.

So… nobody here has a Gouda?

Got a Ywet.


That is a cleeeean looking YWET, Bob!

Heeeyyy!! That used to be mine lol Glad to see you still got it!

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