Looking for Anti-Yo yoyos my Dad.

Hi everyone.

My Dad is a public school teacher who’s into yoyos. It’s near the end of the year and he likes to bring in his box of yoyos to goof off with the kids. Unfortunately on Monday he had his box of yoyos stolen at school. They are trying to figure out who’s responsible and get them back but I’m thinking he’s sort of SOL and I was wanting to see if I could surprise him with some replacements on Father’s Day.

First off, I only know the ones I’ve bought him over they years. He had near two dozen of them but I’m not sure what some of the other ones are and I know at least the ones I’ve gotten him are all limited edition stuff but, based on what I’ve gotten him, I was also hoping someone who knows yoyos better than I do can make some recommendations on things that may be currently available or easier to get a hold of.

It seems to me he prefers the rounded style ones and I’m fairly sure Anti-Yo brand are his favorite, either that or he’s suckered me into getting him the expensive ones. :smiley: Over the years I’ve gotten him the Anti-Yo Bapezilla, BSP, Ywet, Dri-Ywet and looking at Anti-Yo’s website I can’t remember if I got him the Slck-Ywet or the Viszilla as the colors are pretty similar and my memory is kinda foggy.

I saw there is a Bapezilla 2 that I’m hoping is similar enough to the original Bapezilla that I can just order that for him, and I maybe have a lead on the Ywet one as well. Do any of these come up for sale, either on here anywhere else? Sadly I saw nothing current on eBay when I just checked.

As far as other yoyos go, are the Anti-Yo ones a particular type/style of yoyo? Like to me, the Oxygene ones listed in the shop here look close enough. If I’m browsing the store, eBay or otherwise is there anything in particular I should be looking for or avoiding to getting him ones he’d like?