Anyone else get Anti-Yo envy?

I don’t know; it’s just something about this brand. I wouldn’t compete with one yet I can’t satisfy my Anti-Yo fix. Please tell me that this is a common thing…


Only you, sadly😳

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I think mrciurleo is banking on you being wrong, yoyodoc.

hossboffman, check the BST for a fix.

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It used to be more common but it still is definitely a thing. I collect (to play) when I can.

No matter what Matt thinks doesn’t make me wrong.

Just maybe not as right as I may have thought🤓

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Doc is absolutely right in a sense not everyone shares the same drive for anti-yo, or any company for that matter. That being said, each company will always have at least people drooling overtheir throws. I am fascinated by the old proyo metals, and only know of a few others with the same interest.

Nope, not at all.

Way ahead of you. Expecting a Viszilla in the mail soon.

I hope you enjoy the Viszilla!

When I got back into throwing a couple of years ago, Anti-yo throws were some of my initial ”grail” throws. Specifically the Viszilla. Has trouble tracking one down initially, so I ”settled” for a Bape.2, since they’re essentially the same yo-yo, just different colors.

Eventually got my hands on a Viszilla, and was super happy with both. Then, shortly after I got the Viszilla, I got a lead on a black hardcoat Bape.2, and had to buy it. Ended up being even better finish-wise than the Vis in my opinion, so that’s why I was okay selling the original Bape.2 and Vis.

Overall, Anti-yo has produced some of the cleanest looking organic shapes out there. That’s what fueled my initial desire for them, and I’m guessing that’s what fuels a lot of other Anti-yo fans.

Did someone mention AntiYo?!?!

My favorite brand. Would LOVE for them to do just one more yoyo.

This thread just reminded me I haven’t taken an updated collection photo lately, have to do that tonight.

Hahahaha!!! :smiley:
I’m going to have to get some pics of my yyf plastics and magics.
Never heard of Antiyo.Going to have to check them out.
I have a yoyo warrior that was made here in AZ,really like that one.Out of biz,but great throw.

I carry a bsp with me everyday. Got a Bape in my pocket as we speak. Im a fan, No, I dont envy anything or anyone. But thats just me. Ive owned every Antiyo that ever was at one time or another. Kinda helps that Sonny and I are tight, I would recomend one to anyone.

Hoping to have a BSP in the near future, one of the last yoyo’s I’m searching for.

Are those at the top “beefcaked”!?

No they just don’t have the bearings in them.
I have one of the Danny Ywets, never thought I’d own an original ywet.


The originals are really special. Funny how different they play than the SE version.

Well, they kind of did.

Welllll, not really. Designed by Sonny Patrick (one half of AntiYo) and released by One Drop.

Here is my current AntiYo collection (not including my Küntoshs :wink: )


We’re technically both correct (or incorrect). But I think the crux of it all depends on what you consider “Anti-Yo” to be. It is only Anti-Yo if it says Anti-Yo on the box? Or does the story behind the yoyo matter? It was a yoyo designed to be an Anti-Yo that never ended up being one officially and was released as something of a colab later on via a different company. What does that make it? Who knows. Ask Sonny I guess.

Though I suspect he would just laugh.

I’ve asked Sonny, he said One Drop ;D

To me AntiYo is the story, so much more than the yoyo. All of there yoyos have a story behind them. Then there is the way their finished, or anodized. Then the packaging, etc.

I love that the Küntosh was finally released, I’ve got 2, and yes one of them has AntiYo SE’s. But I couldn’t bring myself to say it’s part of my AntiYo collection. I’d LOVE to see Kiya and Sonny say yes, let’s do a AntiYo release also, I’d be the first one in line ;D