Everyone's favorite antiyo

Just want to see what everyone’s favorite antiyo’s were. I’m going to include collabs and companies that started from team members of antiyo or were inspired by antiyo (ex Spencer Berry and Jake Bullock).

Here is my personal ranking of all of the antiyo’s I’ve owned/own. The bape was the first metal yoyo I ever bought back in 2006 so it holds a special spot for me.

  1. Dunk
  2. Yweti
  3. Walter
  4. Mechabape
  5. Se ywet heavy blasted version
  6. Bape and Eetsit
  7. Kuntosh
  8. Proto fluchs
  9. Yweti se 2
  10. Bape 2
  11. Fluchs
  12. Business

Have a Fluchs which I really like. It’s one of my all time favorites. Had an Eetsit. Sold it a short time back.

I thought the fluchs was pretty cool back in the day but the yweti replaced it’s spot. For some reason I had a proto fluchs that’s I thought was spot on though.

Kuntosh and YWET still my favorites.
I MISS my old Eetzilla the most but it wasn’t the best player imo. I also had a 4mm YWET which I do think was better than the hardcoat version I’ve got now. BPZL was another great one.




viszilla / BPZL

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My collection isn’t complete yet, but out of the ones I’ve tried, I’d say the Side Effect Edition YWETi Mk II is definitely my favorite. The 4mm YWET is pretty close, but it has to take the #2 spot.


As I noted above, I still have my Fluchs and love it. The Eetsit came with the bearing seat issue where the string got snagged between the bearing and the sidewall. I fixed it by trimming the bearing seat down, but that issue kind of soured me on it even though it played good after the fix. Never played it much and decided to sell it.


What does 4mm mean? Is that the gap size? Couldnt you just make that with shims?

The 4mm was a small run that they made for friends. It was designed to be able to be setup responsive a little easier than a wider gap. The gap is 4mm. There were 10 of them made. The normal YWET’s gap is like 4.35mm I believe.

Back to the question, the YWET is my all time favorite yoyo. The DRI and 4mm especially. Kuntosh is my second favorite AntiYo.


Haven’t tried any other anti-yo but I love the original YWET, it’s the perfect blend of power and float.

Didn’t the 4mm also have rubber orings in both response grooves?

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My favorite Anti-Yo’s are the ones I still own. Let’s see I’ve got a BSP and a bape2 and a Danny Ywet, I think that’s it.

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Aah my bad I didnt consider the current one was wider🤦🏽.

The Bapezilla.2 is the only true Anti-Yo that I have ever owned; super fun little yoyo that still holds up well to this day IMO.
The Mecha Bapezilla plays great, of course.
If the Dunk is technically Anti-Yo, then it’s probably my favorite choice out of those three. I’m still not sure if I like the OG Dunk or the Slim Dunk more, both are so good.


Hahaha your picture is super funny that I had to open in full screen, your little cat with a cap. :+1:


I adore the Dunk, but how is it Anti-Yo?


i thought they all came that way released honestly (?) - my player ywet
is still set up
that way, and i got it minty mint from
the OG owner

edit: incorrect, just in the main response grooves

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My favorite to play is probably the busine$$.

With these older yoyos I index more on the ‘fun’ factor so I enjoy it over the bape and eetsit.

My heavy blast YWET is also super fun, I like that over the Viszilla. The Viszilla never grew on me, probably because I’m not a huge fan of the feel of side effects, especially the Anti-Yo ones which are super heavy.


I’m not sure how they came when they were originally made. I got mine from Sonny years after they were first sent out. Mine had a OD Flow Groove pad and a o-ring that was sliced in half in the larger recess. Mine now has both recesses filled with silicone.

@edhaponik Do you remember if Sonny shipped these originally with just o-rings?