Anti-Yo YWET

Hello. I’m choosing a new yoyo not for contests, but just to play for myself. So I like Anti-Yo YWET, could you please tell me more about it? Will you recommend it?
There are so much arguments about it, so please explain your opinion.
Oh, and one more thing. Would you choose E1NS 09 instead of YWET?

I don’t know much about it… but there are many other amazing choices besides that. Maybe you should check out some other throws

it is made by anti-yo and is blue and orange

I only tried it for a little while, so I only have a quick first impression. It’s a little slimmer than I normally like. Not sure why they did the O-Ring response. I like the side effects, I wish I could buy them separately. I also tried the BPZL. I wish they had made that one instead.

Your avatar scared me for a second (newbies won’t know).

It’s a good yoyo, but I recommend that you buy some slim pads for it if you get it. The reason that it has o-rings is because Sonny and Kiya like it that way, but most people don’t. It is a great yoyo and very fun, but a little on the slim side.

I just put some Flow Groove Pads in mine and it’s amazing. The finish is pretty good, it has literally no vibe(I used a Ten Ball bearing), and its really stable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

It is really smooth but, is a lot different than the h-shape yoyos you may be used to

I like my YWET a lot. The aesthetics are great, it’s a good weight, and I think it’s rather neat that it’s got a customizable response - if you remove all four o-rings and put in some Flow Groove pads it’s almost like it has a schmoove ring. Personally, I’ve been liking it with just the two inner rubber o-rings. It’s not a competition throw, but it’s nice to have something different from the general trends we see in the yoyo industry - I dig variety. It also has a nice smooth finish for good grinds, and it’s just a lot of fun to play. And the One Drop manufacturing is second to none.

anti-yo is both famous and infamous for there history of hype driven yoyos. one time in the chat i was asked a guy if he would trade his BPZL for my NICKEL coated code 1. he replied by saying “try 13 nickel code 1’s”. obviously the owner of anti-yo was hoping for the fans to buy into whatever and so that’s why it’s sold at $135; not because it’s “that good”, Also like the canvas and chief. people will also tell you that it’s priced so high because of all the the “machining” and “cost of living” which does aply to a certain point but really should sky-rocket to the price to where the cheapest canvas you can buy is $150(when they were in stock for 5 minutes). i saw a person selling a B-grade chief for $140 on the BST which $5 more than an A grade from yoyoexpert. this is the reason i refuse to buy anti-yo and refuse to ever buy another CLYW again because they are taking advantage of the consumers that were the very foundation of there business. the only reason i would pay $200 for a yoyo is if it was made of titanium

now that i’m done, i would recommend a duncan echo because it’s a REALLY good player. if kohta watanabe can take 1st in EYYC, and hank freeman and take 1st in WYYC with the echo,then it qualifies as “that good” not because a bunch of fanboys tell you so.

and at 46 bucks buy one throw it off a cliff and buy another just because you can :smiley:

Thank you guys, I really appreciate your help.

Hubstacker, Chris has very legitimate reasons for the prices (not for the Campfire), and I’m sure Sonny and Kiya do too. Both company’s are known for certain scalped products.

then what is it?