The YWET thread..

This is not really a hype thread. After saying that, it will most likely become one. :smiley:

But, is today not the 9th? Thursday is the 10th. Unless the YWET was actually supposed to be released today but a time rift occurred and thus rendered time rather useless. And we are forever stuck in between days, never to actually arrive on the 9th while still never sitting on the 8th.

Boy, that was bad.

Not really important, I kinda wanted to just start a thread after being gone for so long. (hello world)

I wish I could get one.  It looks cool.

Yoyoexpert must have made a mistake, I remember sonny saying that it will be released on the 10th.

too many date changes to throw fault at certain people.

Hay yeah, thus making it 20% more AWESOME

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I guess, but how do you mess up when you release it?

All I know is do want.

seems to be on sale now. im kind of confused on how the response for the ywet works though =/

has any one actually played with one of these? im interested in how the response system feels. i thought we moved away from the o ring a long time ago? or did anti yo just figure out that all we needed this whole time was more o rings?

I played one last weekend. The response is nice and consistent, but I’ll probably replace it with silicone if I get one of these - the One Drop silicone pads fit the recess if anyone is looking for an easy alteration. Also, if anyone is wondering, the finish on this new run of YWETs is buttery smooth.

Work was started on this yoyo five years ago. WAY before I started throwing.

I enjoy the YWET. I have the copper version which has a very nice finish and has already oxidized to a pretty bronze.

I personally found the O-rings slippy. Replaced them with One Drop silicone pads and it’s amazing now. Very fun yoyo.


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getting one for christmas. a long wait but at least im doing no bearing november so it’ll come faster

changed the bearing for a 10 balls, much better now

not a fan of the orings either

and did any of you guys have ano flaws on the blue side ?

I finally got my first anti-yo and it’s a ywet that included the mini audio CD.

I didn’t realize that the song was about yo-yos :rofl: … I couldn’t find the text or audio anywhere on the internet so I thought I’d immortalize it here:

"No False Alarm"

I’ve been holding out till the sun goes down
Gonna get it on, ain’t no false alarm
I’ve been counting hours til day turns to night
Gonna find a way to make it a heavy date
Dream with me, scheme with me, hold out your hand
I’m taking you to wonderland
Bind with me, grind for me, show me what you can
I tell you I’m’a be your man
Brain twist me, slack-whip me, around the world again
Lost in your gyroscopic spin
Go on and throw me, don’t you worry, I’ll be back again
In the palm of your delicious hand
I’m on your leash tonight, so walk me like the dog I am
I’m on a string around your finger

An Anti-Yo production
Guest guitarrorism by Jeff Bissell
Copyright © 2008 by Paranoids

I’m surprised this song isn’t on YouTube somewhere by now…

Holy bumping old threads Batman :joy:

I hear YWET?


Few YWET’s in here