I can’t believe I’m doing this but I have no choice. These are the last two yoyo’s that I have as I wanted to keep these no matter what, but I just need the money. I have to tell you though, I’m not giving these away. These yoyo’s are awesome examples of limited edition masterpieces. Out of any CLYW or General-Yo or Brokenyoyo’s or Oxygen, these were my favorite BY FAR. You won’t find them anywhere. The Dri-Ywet was a run of 100 and the 1st run blasted Ywet was a run of 20 or 30. The blasted Ywet is much more smoother than the main run which has the pyramatte finish. These yoyo’s are both the smoothest yoyo’s that I have ever thrown and I’ve thrown them all from every brand. Actually, it’s not possible to get smoother than these. You can’t even tell they’re spinning, honestly. Payment through paypal and add 3.5% plus $6 for shipping for each yoyo and I will ship USPS priority mail. If you buy both I can combine shipping. These prices are fair in my opinion as I paid more for them and the retail price at the store was more and they never come up for sale.

Make an offer, the worst I can say is no; plus I need money very bad.

Anti-Yo Dri-Ywet-$175$135SOLD-Near Mint- I didn’t throw this much at all, maybe a handful of times. I can’t tell if there’s any marks on it or not b/c of the oxidization. I never threw my yoyo’s anywhere except over carpet and never outside, not even once, so there shouldn’t be any marks. It will come with the O-rings but there is One-Drop pads in there right now. They fit perfect and are very easy to replace. It will come with the CD and pouch as it originally did. The oxidization will polish off easily with Mothers polish if you wanted to do so.

Anti-Yo 1st run YWet-$120$95$80-Near Mint. Has One-Drop response pad’s in it. One tiny slick looking mark on the edge of the rim, there’s no way I can get it in a picture. It’s just a tiny spot like a mm in size or something that looks like a little slick, wet spot? The ano’s not missing, it’s not a ding or anything, it’s just a little tiny mark. It was probably there when I got it. I don’t have the pouch for this one

bump. Dri-ywet sold :frowning: I cannot believe it. This is a sad day for me.

Bump, this is the much harder to find, first run nationals released Ywet with the original slip matte finish, not the pyrimatte finish. Only 20 or 30 of these were made and it does not eat strings, nor has the area around the response been sanded or rubbed or had anything done to it of any kind. This yoyo is a GEM and perfectly 100% smooth. It will more than likely be the smoothest yoyo you have ever thrown.