Does Andre lose sleep over the Bapezilla.2?

The thing that makes me not want one is the side effects. Perhaps if a better set was pictured with the yoyo it would be more desirable.

I’m wondering if all those Shutters will sell…

I mean they easily could, but there’s so many…

They should sell. They are super affordable, really good and Gentry Stein just took Nationals in 2013 with one. That last part will drive sales. Great as a first metal, next metal or “just to have it” too.

I’ve played the Bapezilla.2. I didn’t care for it. I haven’t had good results with Anti-Yo working out well for me.

does anyone have any thoughts on the actual play of the Bape.2 (besides the string breaking issue)? Maybe it just doesn’t paly well, so people aren’t interested in it.

I know nothing about how yoyo retail really works. :wink:

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It’s actually a really good throw, just a little undersized which seems to throw people off lately. The QC is miles better than the original Bapezilla, even if I miss the original shape and personally prefer it to this newer version. The finish is glorious and it feels amazing in the hand.

At the price it’s a hard sell, but it’s a fantastic yoyo and I’m glad I have one.

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I purchased a Bapezilla2 about 14 months back now and I must say I rather enjoy it’s play really. One attribute which may have well contributed to it’s sluggish sales might be it’s reputation early on as being a ferocious string eater. My initial experience would certainly bear out that this repute is not without justification. I had to work away at the Bape’s interior a number of times with the backside of a leather coaster before it settled in and stop chewing through string.

As Steve Brown has mentioned, it is a bit of an undersized throw at 52.3 mm, but I believe it has a rather nice feel in the hand. The ano is a bit coarse which can certainly account for it’s preliminary appetite for string.

I have always believed this yoyo has been under appreciated and it’s sales markedly short of what should be in accordance with it’s actual quality. However, why might my opinion have much weight? I know nothing about how yoyo retail really works.

The string breaking thing is actually what threw me off of buying it. If I were to buy one of these, I would just send it off to MB for some customization. Also, do note that the Bape2 is limited to 400 ever being produced with the first run off being 250. I would imagine that only 250 were done since the flunk of sales, in which case YYE has picked up over 1/5 that were made.

On a separate note, the YWET appeals to me because of that Quad-Fist Response they put in it. Looks like a unique change, and I feel like it could be further used. Do observe that Spencer Berry as of late has been throwing a YWET with a 4mm gap on 365yoyo.

To be fair i think there was originally over a hundred of them at YYE, and they made 400 of them total, not counting the 200 Viszillas, so all things considered they sold a boat load. Those numbers rival even a lot of YYF and YYJ models in terms of volume, so that puts it in perspective.

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With string-eaters, there’s nothing some 750-grit wet/dry sandpaper can’t fix. :wink: You might lighten up the ano a bit…

Any store that keeps the volume like Andre does doesnt worry about something so miniscule. Think about fishing tackle shops as an example. Tackle takes up extremely large spaces and the inventory is most likely upwards of a million products in “small” tackle stores. That should put a little perspective on how mass quantities relates to a couple hundred or even thousand of dust collectors are just another item in inventory really. The lack of sales by YYE should also speak for itself.

This is certainly true. As I said, just buffing with the rough side of a piece of leather was sufficient to tame Bapezilla’s mandibles of string death.

All this said, give the Bape.2 another look before coming to a firm prejudicial presumption folks. It is a rather fine yo-yo, though admittedly perhaps a bit overpriced.

Meaning what exactly?

Sales as in a lower price. A sale is normally to attract more business and YYE’s lack of sales would presumably mean they are far from hurting in business.

I bought the bape2 on another site b/c it was on sale at almost half the price it is here. It was $80. I was gonna buy one either way, probably off the b/s/t, and when I saw this one on sale, I just went ahead and bought it. The main reason I was in the market for one is b/c I had just bought a dri-ywet and was blown away by everything about it. Loved it then and I still love it now. My smoothest yoyo by far and I’ve thrown most every brand’s flagship. It’s very floaty too and I just love the play all the way around. I love undersized throws so I figured if I liked the dri-ywet so much then the bape2 would flip my twinkie. And flip my twinkie it did. It’s my go to throw. I actually have two of them now, one of them has RSM’s on it and it is so much fun to play. It is a very, very underrated yoyo and even though it has a very organic shape (which some people would call outdated) it is still way more refined than most all of the older yoyo’s with said organic shape. Take your favorite yoyo from the years 2005-2008 and multiply them by 100 in terms of smoothness and stability and that’s how it is. You will have to rub down the area around the response however, b/c it is a rather strong ano job but the ano wears down a lot just in the first couple days of throwing it. It feels really chalky when you first get it but a few sessions later and it starts really smoothing out and once you’ve thrown it for a few weeks, it’s just about as perfect a finish you could ask for. I cannot wait until Anti-yo’s new model comes out. There’s rarely a yoyo that’s release gets em excited but that one does and I will buy it new. Out of all my yoyo’s, I just like my anti-yo’s the best. The quality in manufacturing is as can be expected being that the halves are made at One-Drop, as are so many other brands these days. As for the price, I can understand, however, if you buy one at $145, you’ll be glad you did.

You do realize he bought a run of 150 so he has sold 100 so far

Ok…it’s been bugging me since I first saw this yoyo…

What is in the thought bubble engraving? I can’t figure it out.


aka “Mr Rorschach”

A slightly abstract map of the world i always thought.

BTW someone bought one since the start of this thread, for some reason…You’re welcome Andre.

The thought bubble has always just had “Anti-Yo” in it. I assume Anti-Yo was always talked about and not,really, anymore.

I think the reason that they sell slowly is that they are really not all that good at any price point. I bought a Bape2 and was glad to be rid of it as soon as I could. The blast made a finish that was like sandpaper. Any hit from the string and the yoyo would slow appreciably. Add to that the high walls, outdated design and small size and I see little to like about the Bape2.

Anti-Yo is Anti-Yo. They obviously did not set out to create something for a person to win the Wolrd YoYo contest with(Paul got close a couple times on the original, though).
If you’re after low-wall oversized performance, why on earth would you purchase a high walled undersized Anti-Yo? They are a notoriously “overrated” company. Other, cheaper yoyos have and will play “better”. This is common knowledge.

I love Anti-Yo, I think they’re genius. It hurts my brain to think of the 3-4 Bapes, two Busine$$’, Eetsit and Dri-YWET I don’t have aanymore.

I understand that this is your opinion, but, it’s nonsense. No good at any price point? Why is that? B/c of it’s small size and outdated design? So you didn’t look at the specs or any pics before you bought it? And it’s possible that you were one of the first ones to buy it and hadn’t read or heard anything about the aggressive blast but more than likely you knew about that too. Once you play it for a few days, the finish is waaaay smoother than any other yoyo I have or that I’ve tried. It’s silky smooth. And it’s very durable. For the most part, It can take a hit from whatever and there won’t even be a mark. You might have to try a little harder to land it on the string than you’re used to when using those wide, v shaped, no wall at all Chinese brands. There’s definitely a market for those yoyo’s but seriously, does every yoyo have to be a competition yoyo? Why is everyone so obsessed with the Japanese style yoyo’s? Ooohhhh yeah, I forgot, most of the members here in the community compete in contests. Actually, it’s probably more like 5% of the community, maybe a little more. If that’s what you want, then don’t ever buy anything except YYR. And I don’t understand “any hit from the string and it would slow appreciably” I definitely don’t notice anything like that. I’m really not meaning to sound like an @$$hole and If I do, I apologize. It’s just that the things that you said you don’t like about it are things that you already knew you didn’t like before you bought it, so, basically, it never stood a chance with you.