Any Anti-Yo News?


Haven’t heard anything from them in a while. Really interested in knowing if they have any plans to produce the blue/yellow proto that was shown late last year. So beautiful.


I’m not knocking it, but it looks like a wider rimmed Burnside with Side Effects.

I’m also curious as to if there is any Anti-Yo news. I’ve been looking around and I’ve not found any recent news on them. Quite the shame really.


I completely forgot about that Anti Yo throw. I don’t see how they could manage to sell those to intelligent consumers if they didn’t lower their prices to OD’s. OD really stepped up their game with the Chik.

(2Sick Joey) #4

That yoyo is called the Kountash! Its named after the lamborghini model. I actually played one last night and it is a really good yoyo. Definitely similar in play to a summit if one had to compare it to another. I really liked it and its apparently a killer 5a yoyo. Jake bullock and I were chillin yesterday.

(2Sick Joey) #5

Looks nothing like a burnside and id imagine plays completely different from one (never played a burnside). It feels very boxy in the hand as the rims have a barely angles rim.


Countach? But yeah i really like the deep dish rims look. Wouldn’t pay $135+ for it i don’t think, but if they decided to sell it for around $115 i’d pick one up. I mean all they have to do is give One Drop the go-head and they could do a whole run in a week. Hopefully they’re not put off by the lackluster sales of the Bapezilla 2 on YYE. They had to know that sending 100 pieces of a yoyo to one store at $145 after the massive hype and buying of the Viszilla was unlikely to be a sell out, but i dunno. They just need smaller more unique runs imo, and the “Countach” would be that.


I honestly haven’t heard anything about that, but it looks great. I don’t normally use this word to describe yoyos, but I have to agree, it is beautiful.

(2Sick Joey) #8

Not sure if and when it will be in production


I tried this early in the year. I don’t think it looks like a Burnside, more a Model 10 with side effects. I seriously loved it. Please buy it, it’s the best competition and (first? Not sure) from Anti-Yo. Honestly, smoother than any anti yo, making it my favorite yoyo from anti yo. Too bad I don’t own it.


It’s an amazing yoyo.


I miss Anti Yo so much. The Ywet was a great throw, and I haven’t tried a Bape 2, but I want one.

EDIT: Paul can you elaborate? Do you know if they plan on producing it?


What am I, chopped liver?


Wow, I want to play that so bad. It looks so beautiful! I think the people mean it’s the same type if shape as the Burnside. For those who haven’t tried the Burnside, huge bang for the buck, smooooth (10 ball), great throw.
Im looking at ge chik, but if this thing comes, it will be a hard choice…
It seems the shape is the same, kinda.



This video has the “prototype” in it.


Definitely not a Burnside. The rims are not as angled, and the slope of the catch zone in a Burnside doesn’t begin from the corner of the rims. It’s much closer to the center. But I agree, it’s an incredible and underrated throw.
This looks much more like the Summit without the groove between the rim and the slope. So Joey’s description of its similar play makes sense. I would buy one of these.


I would want one. I love my Anti-Yos.


I have one they are really unique. They play super light for their weight - probably because of the stretched out size. It is sort of like an oversized BSP (but not as dense feeling) or a fine aluminum protostar with personality. Most people who’ve tried mine say it “doesn’t play like an anti-yo, but I like it.”

I think it is a brave move for Anti-yo. It is very in line with today’s competition yoyos: super wide, spins forever, smooth. But definitely different for them.

I am a huge fan of their entire line and a huge fan of Sonny and Kiya. I’ve hope it’ll be out late summer/early fall…