What happened to Anti-Yo?

Did they shut down or what happened?

A few years back, yes, they did close down. After years of anticipation, they finally brought out the Ywet (the Duke Nukem of yoyos), sort of signaling their return.

If you’re talking about current times, I read a post from Slowyojoe saying they are taking further steps towards production of the Countach (which I hear is a great throw). I feel like the failure of the Bape 2 discouraged them from creating more throws.

But, they haven’t totally fallen off the face of the earth, unlike last time, which is a good sign–they were a sponsor of BAC.

In summary, typical Anti Yo. ::slight_smile:

I’m just hoping that the Bape.2 goes on sale for dirt cheap on Black Friday. It’s one of the top items on my Christmas list.

Anti-Yo is side project for Kiya and sonny and has been more on the back burner recently. Kiya’s been busy opening Self Edge Portland along with running the rest of the Self Edge empire and Sonny has a full time job and a kid.

Last I heard the countach was slated for release in december but it’s anti-yo so who knows

The countach looks beautiful

I haven’t played too many anti-yo products, but those that I have I really didn’t enjoy. Oddly enough, I also didn’t agree with the pricing either.

While I don’t want to sound all negative, if they come up with something actually different, I’d be interested in giving it a chance. At the moment though, I have no interest in any of their offerings.

Countach looks great. Definitely happy it might be progressing. Also I wouldn’t call the Bape.2 a failure, they just made 400 of them, which when combined with the 200 Viszillas is a huuuuuge amount of yoyos, so a little bit of slack shouldn’t have been a surprise. Hopefully they don’t go the other way with the Countach and release some minuscule amount.

The Coutach has to be the most floaty throw I have ever played. It plays so smooth and it looks so beautiful. I can’t wait for it to release.

AHHHH yay Self Edge Portland! I had no idea this existed.

I adore my Bape.2. Paid full price, no regrets whatsoever.

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I really want to get a Bape.2

I love my YWET

Countach looks interesting…can’t say for certain without the specs but it reminds me of the Entheos that I always wanted to try but never picked up.

Price is more of a matter of principle than an actual issue for me generally and I don’t really see Anti-Yo as a worthwhile value at full retail (this isn’t really a knock on them at all. I feel exactly the same about almost every brand and try to avoid paying retail, this thread just happens to be about Anti-Yo) but I did enjoy my OG Bape once I got it nice and smooth and my Viszilla is a super fun throw that I got a good deal for. I’d consider a Dri Ywet for the right BST price one day and I’ve always wanted an Eetsit (I love the colorway and I love the ice cream sandwich =P). I’m not an old geezer yet but I’ve played with yoyos long enough to really appreciate the organic shape and Anti-Yo makes a mean one.

The norm in yoyoing these days seems to be to crank out as many different models in as many different colorways as possible and Anti-Yo seems to be happy to keep going to the beat of their own drum which I think is great but it also means that some of those 400 Bape 2s are gonna sit around when they immediately follow 200 Viszillas. I miss when the CLYW runs were few and far between before the days of the Gnarwhal, Sasquatch and Avalanche but nostalgia aside, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the insane variety that we get these days.

The Kuntosh is absolutely amazing, and easily the best thing they’ve ever made. I enjoy my Bapezilla 2 and YWET, but the Kuntosh is next level. Huge, light, fast, and fantastic for counterweight play.

Countash or kuntosh or however its spelled is really a good yoyo. I’ve played one and its really good. Feels like a summit in the hand but plays a ton better. Its really floaty its insane. The need to make these for sure.

the yoyo too.