Anti Yo

Okay guys. The hype machine caught me. When is the Anti yo BPZL coming out? I REALLY want one. Anyone need an organ? Please post any info on the new Anti yo releases. That includes the YWET. For those of you who don’t know what the BPZL is, it’s the third evolution of the eetsit. It’s an updated bape with Side Effects and is being made by the One Drop guys.

If I get one, I’ll trade you for a new pancreas :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, i havnt heard anything…

I thought that hype ended and everyone realized that they aren’t that good? Just from seeing stuff on the board…

I played a bpzl and I can honestly say, that thing is the smoothest, most well balanced yoyo I have played, and this coming from a yoyoer of 12 years who has thrown many a throw, that means something.

I trust Josh. It seems the new axle is better than th bape’s which caused some vibe. Plus it’s got Side effects. But no heart. :frowning:
But seriously it looks EPIC. They need to make a run. But this happened a couple
Years ago…

Hey Josh, are the ones you tried out for sale by any chance?

It seems many around where I am have been able to get them, but they were not for sale. Despite quite a few being circulated around.

I got to try one when I visited the OneDrop shop. They handed me the BPZL with really long string and me being short, I was so scared that I might scratch it. So, I didn’t try any crazy tricks. But, I do know that Josh is so right. It is so freakin’ smooth!

Am I crazy that I saw a ton of people hating on Anti Yo?

Prolly the older Anti-Yo.

The hype machine haven’t caught me yet.
I’m curious.

You see, first Anti yo had the Eetsit. Everyone thought it was a miracle until they realized the bearing seat was messed up. Then comes the Bapezilla soon after. Nice smooth throw that everyone thinks is a godsend, but gap was a bit too small for some. But that wasn’t the problem. Throws like th G5 came out. They re defined smooth. He Bape, which was considered smooth, was comparatively not as smooth as the G5. Then Anti yo releases the Bu$$iness, which had he same axle system as the Bape, which caused some vibe. Then the hate came…

love mine (old one), but yea, it’s, I think, a 2006 throw so it’s hard to compare it to what we have today, but still, lots of fun playing, tuning it, and a good throw overall. i’ve paid more or at least the same amount of money for stuff that wasn’t nearly as good.

it’s more a piece of history to me.

people are buying these for lots of money and expect them to play like the bests according to today’s standards.

I think I’ve read somewhere that the OD collab bape will not have SE’s when made available.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No Side Effects… Maybe It’ll have the hearts. At least it MAY come out… >:(

well, don’t take my word for it, as said, I think I’ve read it somewhere, but there has been a lot of talk about this throw so, until it’s released officially, I guess we’ll never know for sure.

Last I heard (Isn’t all of this hearsay?) The BPZL will be available in the Fall at somepoint.

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They’ve had some highs and some lows, along w/some hype. People remember the lows and the hype and tend to forget the good stuff.

Keep in mind when Anti-Yo first came out the Bapezilla and Eetsit were excellent players at the time. People hate on them now because they drive up so much hype (ridiculous amounts even) and don’t deliver. Example: YWET, BPZL.

Also. New players expect the Bapezilla to play just as good and smooth as their OD’s, General Yo’s , YYF’s etc; and pay upwards of 200$ to get one only to find out it doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Yay! This fall! But, we heard this a couple years ago. Anti yo back! New yoyo! Never happened. They’re
Driving up the hype SOOOOOO much. It better play good. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a BPZL. Imagine it. An improved Bape with side effects made by sean and david. EPIC. I hope they have the hearts though. And OG colorways. How much you guys estimating their price at. I say around $100.

IF the ever drop I’d agree with around 100. The Bape and EEtsit went for 80 but now they are more difficult to machine due to the side effects system…not to mention you’re getting side effects with them.

I have seen Black Hardcoat, the EEtsit, and Bape colorway so far. I hope it stays at that. I would love to have one as well. But I am not getting my hopes up.

I also heard the YWET2 is coming. But…we all know it probably isn’t.

If the BPZL does drop I want to see original packaging and stickers / lifesavers inside like last time!

Well, what’s the hang up? Does anyone know what’s going on?