The return of Anti-Yo and the BPZL

The great grand daddies of the BST…! Anti-Yo the monsters of mark-up…!
What do you think…? Is the BPZL going to be the next bape…? Selling for twice the original prices…! Worth picking up and never taking it out of the box…or pass…?

I’ll pass. I might get one to resell in the future if I can, and depending on how much hype they get.

Hope it comes sooner than the YWET. :wink:

Well, we know these are out there…and with one drop involved… sure to be some kind of limited run…I guess maybe…200…? they do love that number 400…

once sonny gets a taste of the money he can make now, I think he’ll make more than just one run.

I’m sure there will be at least a few hundred but they will sell quickly (depending on price of course).

With there going to be different color options it’s bound to be more appealing to more visually stimulated throwers.

I wonder how the new ones will effect the values of the old ones?

The anticipation of the new Anti- Yo’s actually helps to increase resale value of the Eetsit and Bape tremendously. They were starting to go un- noticed until people heard about the BPZL and now everyone wants a taste again. It’s all mind games.

Once people get the BPZL it is likely that they will want to pick up an Eetsit and/ or Bape just for the sake of having a set.

what make the bape and eetsit worth so much anyway, wasn’t it an aluminum yoyo?

the vibe…and the hype…

Everyone wanted one, but no one had one to give up. So the offers went up and up. Just like most hard to get items in most circles.