Anti Yo Eetsit

So I have this Eetsit and I found some info on google but wanted to ask if anyone else out here has one or knows how much they are worth… this thing came out a while ago… I found the retail value but dont know how rare … if its even rare… this thing is.

I have not seen one on the b/s/t for a while… so I thought I would ask about the value for this guy :

To be honest it isn’t as valuable as they use to be. They were very collectable and even to this day you can get a decent penny if you find the right person. To the average yoyoer though it isn’t worth much more then $90-$100. They still have value but aren’t even close to the prices they use to go for a few years back.

Definitely not as valuable as they used to be. eBay is your best bet.

Don’t mean to thread jack, but why were they so valuable in the first place?

An eBay auction back in 06 or 07 for a Bapezilla that ended at $400—which was a fraudulent bid, and was never actually paid.

Even though it should’ve been completely inconsequential, the market value still shot up because people are stupid.

Bapes go from 100-120 these days, and those are the ones in decent condition.

I’d maybe value this Eet at ±100?

Man I want an eet :frowning:

buy his man, sounds like he wants to sell it.

I do wanna sell it lol… I’ll post it on my BST

Thanks for the info guys … If only someone made a crazy offer like elephark mentioned lol … Jk ;D