Current pricing/trading of Anti-Yo Eetsit


Hello everyone, I just got back into yoyo’ing again after being gone for about 5-6 years, and I have 2 Anti-Yo Eetsit’s, 1 MIP, and the other in very mint condition (has literally been thrown 2 times for less than 5 minutes each) I was just curious how much they sell for now a days, and also what kind of trades I may be able to do. Not 100% sure if I’ll sell or trade both, but I’m definitely looking to trade or sell one of them. Thanks, and just inquiring before I do sell/trade, so I can figure out what they are worth, I know they are rare. Thanks


Since Nobody replied, I think I’m just gonna throw it up in the B/S/T section and see what kind of offers I get.


More then you paid for them, I’m not sure on pricing, but they are really rare especially mib. Try $200.