SOLD! Original Anti-Yo Bapezilla first run (2006)



First run (2006) Anti-Yo Bapezilla. I originally bought 2 and this one was never thrown. Box still has uncut Anti-Yo sticker and all the box goodies (minus a balloon that disintegrated lol).

({John15}) #2

How about $10.00?


Even if it is a troll offer, that’s way too low for a OG Bape

({John15}) #4

It was more or less just a bump.


Is everyone brain damaged these days?

It’s worth at least $120.00.

({John15}) #6

Oh wow, it was a joke man… chill


Well thought you were being serious. But that makes much more sense.


$120 Takes it?? Phone # edit


Dude seriously? Someone else literally did the same thing, send a PM; don’t post your number to the public.


Thanks DR Rod

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