Next Bape?

What newer releases (past three years) do you think will become the next bapezilla in terms of expense, collectibility, and rarity?

With a recent sale of $250 it seems like a likely that the a-rt grail will soon be in the $300 range.


Thing with the Bape, the original took off like wild fire but settled down after a few years. The Bape 2, they made a lot of them and they sat for a long time. I want to say there was a good number left here on YYE after a couple years. It’s only been the last couple years that people have been searching them out again. When I started collecting AntiYo in 2014 I was buying Bape’s for $100 (spent $150 for a mint in box) and Bape2’s for $50-100.

So, to me, you’d need to find something from a boutique brand and find their sleeper yoyo. Everything a/Rt sells fast and high, I’d expect them to stay that way. AntiYo is the granddaddy of boutique companies and is still the GOAT in my opinion.

To me CoreCo is up there as far as the cool factor and uniqueness that AntiYo has. The Standard is still such an amazing yoyo, hoping soon more shells will be available for them. I’m looking forward to future releases from them as well.


$250 grail? :flushed:


I think it all depends on what the ebay market looks like. The grail early last year was selling for about retail and then someone sold one on eBay for $190 and that was the new standard price. Like 1 day and it jumped $60. Same thing happened with the og bape. They weren’t expensive until someone put a bid on one on eBay for $250 (apparently this wasn’t even fulfilled) and this set the market price for them.

I think monkey finger is making this change right now. Just looking back a year you can see a pretty drastic increase in prices.


Last year I saw mfd sitting for weeks


I remember those days. I actually bought a bape 2 and returned it cause I though “I can’t sell this thing if I don’t like it.” I bought a viszilla for $50 in 2013 :joy: thought I made a killing when I sold it a few years later for $150… I also sold a rare-ish ywet for pretty cheap back then as well… hindsight is 20/20.

As far as the collector driven hype on throws I’ve never found a yoyo that is ‘hard to get’ that plays life changing-ly different than other easily purchased Yoyos. The yoyo makers are so good these days the only reason you should spend more than $100 on a yoyo is because it’s cool and you like it, not because it’s ‘ a magical floaty yoyo that is so incredibly unique and you’ll never experience anything like it and your life isn’t complete until you own one”…

Grail is cool and pretty and plays great, but you can get just as good of a play experience w/ throws from the $30-100 range as well, they just weren’t blessed by the yoyo gods Charles and jenson :laughing:
I’ll probably regret selling my grail if they start going for $250 consistently though…


I agree, but I love my original Grail. Don’t see myself ever selling that one :grin:


I bought my grail one year ago………paid $137.00

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Same. Never going to sell mine. I know Im not going to be able to afford one on the bst​:joy::joy:

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Fair Trade Yoyos.


The End Part 2 is the next Bape already, isn’t it?


RSO and Atmos are my favorite boutique mfg.

Gravity is a collaboration that is just so good and you can’t deny the playability of cloudberry by Atmos.