YoYoExpert Edition FHZ!

We need a YYE Edition FHZ! Or any YYE edition yoyo, for that matter (a FHZ just comes to mind).

What do you guys think? I know I’d buy one.

They have a YYE Edition DM its sparkle orange.



and there was also the yoyoexpert exclusive marmot.

That’s an exclusive which is different then their very own edition.

a yye fhz would be win

I heard rumors about a YYJ yoyo with special YYE caps…

Well you guys really forgot the YYE Dark Magic, shame because that was one beatiful yoyo.

LMAO. I painted one with my name on it a while back, it said ADAM in white letters surrounded by a red box with a black body, and YYE on the other half. It got ruined though. I had other aspirations for a paint job so I screwed up the paint on it. It was great, I need to make another one.

i bought some yye caps for my legacy. i dont know where he got them but i’ll try to find out for you.

I’d be all about a YYE FHZ!

Please Andre?

He said probably not in the near future, but he didn’t rule it out for down the road.

Guys! You can force Andre to make YYE edition yoyos. Please don’t force him to, let Andre make/ design yoyos whatever he think its cool.

Happy Throwing! =]

I will grab him you guys grab the yoyos lol.

They can’t just pop these things out willy nilly. There’s alot of things that would have to be worked out to make one of these. Cool idea, though, maybe someday. Or maybe on another awesome yo-yo.

It would be amazing if they could sell the YYE caps separately so you could put them where ever you wanted. But then it would take away the rarity.

It probably isn’t as big of a deal as you think. The only hard part is that you have to order a lot of them. Of course, they will cost slightly more because Duncan has to use a special design on the caps. Assuming a special type of plastic isn’t used, the caps are the only customized thing. Andre is affiliated with YYJ so I’m not surprised he doesn’t want to make them and I think that is probably the biggest issue.