Self Costomized YYJ


The Dark Magic is plentiful on yye so i belive we should be able to customize it and some other yoyos such as Go Big,Pinnacle,etc. the shipping would take awhile i agree but with your colors, your cap design and Andres autograph ofcoarse id be willing to pay upto $30 more for a YYJ DM, GB, or Pinnacle

(Mitch) #2

This is slightly impractical. Yoyos are produced in mass to try and keep costs low. In order to machine and color yoyos one at a time would take a lot of effort and energy, and mostly time. I’m sure it would be much more than an additional 30 bones… Don’t mean to be a downer, because I like this idea, it just wouldn’t work…

An alternative however:

YoYoJam likes to produce some clear yoyos. Get one and some paint and do it up how ever you’d like. Also, I like to make custom caps for my YYJs. I just draw/print out what I want, and use some packing tape to stick it to the original cap. If you’re careful, it’ll look good, and then they are also tighter, which tends to fix the problems with loose YYJ caps.



The only “readily” customizable parts of the DM2, and most YYJ’s, is the response, caps and bearing… The rest would require “real work”.

The only cost-effective changes that YYJ could make are custom caps, or replacing the response with silicone or rubber rings. The Classic is kind of going in that direction: It ships with a slim bearing for responsive play and rubber rings. Swap the bearing and you’re unresponsive. Silicone it for better response.

Doing one-offs is not practical or affordable for either side. Custom caps would be more practical though as those could be banged out a bit easier. I’d love to have generic caps on hand.


That’s actually really fun to do. I’ve done that on a few of mine. Here’s one of them that I’ve done.

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Yeah… Some of the plastic YYJs have the clear plastic caps over cardstock pictures, which makes it muuuch neater and easier to customize the caps.


Custom caps…

Yoyos by YYJ,
Caps by jrodriguez. Priceless.

Thanks, Jason.


Well yea but I meant customize the colors,(splash,tie-dye,etc.) true it would cost a lot of money but it would be really cool to have self-custom dark magic or go big it would be like one of a kind if you ask me the price would be worth it


It would appear that all you are wanting to do is modify the visuals of the yo-yo. This really isn’t too difficult seeing as yo-yos can be dyed and caps can be printed out.


If you ask me it’s really hard to have metal yoyos dyed even plastic is a challenge. And I do have custom caps


Did these a while back. :wink:


Yea these are cool but its more than just the caps I want to self customized yes it requires real work but its worth it I’d pay an extra $60-$80 just to have a one of a kind yoyo with my art and colors


You can easily get the dimensions. After that, I guess it’s time to head to your favorite image editor and then get yourself some nice photostock printer paper(easily obtainable and not real expensive) and make your own caps for a few bucks. No need to pay that kind of extra money unless you’re commissioning some artwork. If the artist is amazing, it would be so worth it.



Ok, so why not buy one regularly, then customize it yourself? Get a white yoyo, and it can be dyed. See, why have a company “self customize” a yoyo when you can do it yourself and make it truly unique. From a store, people can order the same things. Individual efforts are very hard to replicate.


I’m not fond of white yoyos, they get dirty very easily, and if you dye it yourself its not that high quality yes true you can also have the same colors but not custom caps. Besides I’ve tried dyeing a metal and a plastic yoyo, the metal yoyo (trinity) was impossible to dye and when I finished the performance was not good, the plastic yoyo (kickside) the dye wore of very easily and the yoyo got a little bit of vibe (not much but enough that you could slightly feel it) that’s why it’d be better to have a company PROFESSIONALLY design it


You can’t dye metal yoyos. They have to be anodized to change the color.

Customized YYJ models (or any others for that matter) - bottom line is it’s probably not going to happen. Too costly for YYE or any other store to facilitate.

(Speaking for myself, not YYE)


I’m not saying they need to I’m saying its a possibility that will bring a ton of profit to yye and yyj or any other company besides if you ask me yyj lacks in special editions or team editions all I see are holiday editions and yye editions so that will also add more variety (not many splash either excluding the phenom and one version of the trinity and dark magic)


The cost of production would go up quite a bit, which would result in a lower profit. If you really want to see more customized yo-yos, but don’t want to do it yourself, go talk to a modder.


I agree.

Also, because the costs are going to passed along to the consumers(can’t be avoided), I don’t think the yoyo buying public is going to want to pay the premium. I don’t see the market being viable for the manufacturers, but I do see a market for it. It’s best left to the small shops that can handle such various customizations for users who feel its worth their money for the changes.