Yoyo customization

I think yoyo companies should make a website where people can customize the color of the yoyo (or on their current website) and they choose whether they want a splash or a solid color. I think it would be cool seeing the different color combinations people come up with. Idk what do you guys think about the idea?

Kyos toys (I believe that is what it is called) does that however they are plastic with metal weight rings so there are no splashes or stuff like that.

Possible I suppose. Don’t see a problem. I would expect, however, as a costumer, to pay a little or a lot more.

MonkeyFinger allows people to pick a throw to customize via color like you can get a forte with gold base and black+purple splash but of course the throw would become more expensive. Don’t know if they still do this

Monkeyfinger does this.

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There yoyo builder is really cool. Ive been meaning to get one. Id know they had a weight ring option. Its 3d printed and there is alot you can do to the body. only blue and red are available for color options though.

I don’t think you quite fully understand the method of coloring a yoyo…
Seeing as they probably won’t be able to do batches at a time with custom ano, it wouldn’t be too far off from the cost of just getting it stripped and re-ano’d by someone here.
Or you’ll be waiting a long time to get your shiny custom yoyo.

Having a raw throw or made raw is the way to go. You can then have it anodized or powder coated in any way you’d like.