Anybody else have this idea??

So you know how you can go on Reebok or and customize your own shoes? Well I had the same idea for yo-yos. You would pick a model, then you would pick solid color, splash and so on. I also thought you could get your name engraved on the side of the yo-yo. It would be all yours and one of a kind. I mostly picture One Drop doing this due to their creative ways. What do you think?? ??? ??? ???

Sounds like a cool idea but might be a bit costly since yoyos are made as a quantity so the cost is reduced. Whether making one or many it comes down to a very similar set up cost, even with laser engraving. My anodizer will charge me nearly the same price for 25 and 100 yoyos.

I’m sure though it’s something that could work but would more than likely increase the price.

One Drop did a make your own m1 I think, you could choose colors of the halves. I dont think they would do custom splash though. It would be to trouble some to custom anodize every order. With custom halves the manufactureror didn’t need to do a new anno batch for a new order.

I think more likely you could get a yoyo with side caps and customize the side cap. For example, a lot of YYJ yoyos are plastic/metal with side caps. So you could pick the color body you want, send them a pic or design of what you want on your side cap and that would be your custom yoyo. I’m surprised it hasn’t been done yet.

Too expensive and manufacturers don’t get as much profit as if they do mass produce. It’s a cool idea, yeah…but shoes can be seen as a necessity and yoyos are more of a novelty.

One drop use to do this with vendetta. You would order the yoyo and it would ship to him for the custom ano of your choice.

There are people on the forum that will do custom ano or paint jobs if you want.

Not practical for machined or molded parts.

I once tried these customized trumpet mouthpieces. I hated them, but it’s because they didn’t feel solid like a properly done mouthpiece would feel. Then again, I like my 1.5C, 7C and Claude Gordon Mouthpieces. I forget if I ever got the 10C one.

3yo3 does something similar to that.

revyolution yoyo did custom yoyo order

What would be kind of neat is if some form of yoyo was designed with easily removable parts…let’s put the Pro Z in here as an example…Say that Duncan made an array of colored caps, colored bodies, and colored spacers. Those are 3 interchangeable parts that can easily be removed and are meant to be removed by the end user. It would be cool to be able to place an order and specify what color cap, body, and spacers to put in. For the icing on the cake, having the ability to choose what color string you want would be cool.

If YYF made a variation of the PGM where the thick weight ring/rim was easily able to be popped out, you could specify the color of the body, rings, and hubstacks. With the packaging YYF offers, packing yoyos should be pretty easy.

I kind of see it being a little more cost effective with plastic than metals.

So, a modular designed yoyo. Isn’t some company coming out with something like this, with like I think interchangeable rims? Add an SPR system and you’ve got the complete package

The hyper cluster is a modular yoyo that has like 10 different pieces. It can change from I narrow looper to a wide wing shape but it vibes like crazy because of all the different parts

That is a great idea but that wouldn’t work because yye buys them from the company’s and they send them painted

You mean anodized.

Anodizing would be too labor intensive and to drive costs down, is best done in batches. I’m not opposed to forcing a delay on completing the order for a custom color. In my case, my choices would be fairly simple since I tend to like solid colors.

I think the idea of a completely customizable yoyo is very nice. However, without complete modular design and a universally agreed upon set of standards, it’s not going to be practical or reasonably priced. But as someone else pointed out, a company made something like this and it had vibe issues.

The ProZ kinda gets back to this idea. They are pretty smooth playing though, I mean even when you consider the price.

But back to decoration:
Paint would take less time and be easier to customize and turn around. I don’t see it necessarily costing any less. On top of that, paint is going to chip, nick, scratch, tear, flake and otherwise fall apart once damaged. It’s unavoidable.

It’d be nice if the higher-end manufacturers offered raws. (maybe for a slightly lower price?) so you could have them mailed directly to an ano-er of your choosing for a custom job. i think theres an option in the ordering here for “special instructions” you could use it to have a note left in the box for the anodizer regarding what you want.