Custom yo-yos?


Have you ever considered the idea of having a segment of yo-yos or yo-yo available as a fully custom to order model? For example there is a particular shoe made by Nike one can customize online with your favorite team or logo set, colors and text like your name or logo on as a custom made order.


Low Key Throws does custom laser engravings on their wood caps.

But for a custom anno retail yoyo, it wouldn’t make much sense. To do a one-off colorway/engraving on every yoyo would require it to be quite expensive for the customer for it to be worth the hassle for the manufacturer.


Saw this yesterday


Kyle used to have a website you could choose your profile and shape and bearing etc and they were cheep as I recall. I never dropped the hammer on that though.

(Mark) #5

You mean this site?

It has a cool little 2d/3d builder program built into the site.


Yep that’s the one!


Oh yeah- I saw that one this week also.


And of course


Lots of people do custom work and you can always prototype your own yoyos! :blush:

(Jordan Blofeld) #10

I’ve been known to do this too (done 3 so far). No idea about UNPRLDs pricing on this, we’re probably very similar though.

({John15}) #11

Oh cool, another totally awesome thing that I cannot afford to do.

And truthfully, I wouldn’t even know where to start lol.


I can make some custom stuff within reason. Usually just the choice of woods.