Is it just me

I was searching the web and came across a website called knockaround sunglasses. On their sight you could “make” your own shades. It got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a place where you could make/customize your own throw. I bet a place like that would get some pretty good buisnes.

If someone know o such a place I would love to know.

They used to do that with OD’s.

But it get’s way way to expensive to make customized anos.

So yeah probably better to get a raw yoyo custom ano’d by SpottedBanana, or England1414

Yeah, it would be too expensive. If you’re willing to pay for that much then go for it but it would be really expensive.

If you mean just custom ano, just pay someone from the forum to do it for you.

If you mean a whole custom yoyo, that would cost a lot more.

Yoyos aren’t modular like other products can be. There’s some with side effects, swappable rims, weight rings, bearing options(SPR’s, different shapes), response options(stock, flowable, red/blue, rings), but not a true “pick and choose” type process. It’s just not practical and not reasonably priced to make a reality.

It’s a neat idea, just not practical. Someone said there was a modular yoyo, but it screwed together and was vibey.

You can do quite a bit with your yoyo. Depending what you buy, you have options. With some ONe Drops and Anti-Yo and Twisted Strings, you have side effects. Some give you weight rings(or you can add some). Bearings can make a big difference(some with argue differently). Response systems can alter some play aspects. After that, there’s modders who can do other things. Honestly, this is a better way to go anyways.