Would it be a good idea for a company to let you practically design the yo yo you want then pay for the parts/anodization, then ship it to you. like ex, choose bearing, axle, anodizing, weight, gap size, adjustable, response type?

i think it would, but that’s just my idea lol.

If they had already made parts then ya that could be cool but if it was a free for all then no. It’s a lot of money to set up the CNC, pay the machinist, design the yoyo, ect ect. In the end you would be paying the company a boat load of cash for just one throw.

It’s been thought of and considered many a time. The thing is, it’s not quite as easy/cheap to do well as it sounds, particularly with anodizing in the equation.

Just something that a lot of people don’t consider, I was thinking about making myself some homebrew copies of my Frantic with some slight changes in design and material. My best friend is a Machinist whom with I discussed my ideas. He was explaining to me that from the design the proper G-Code Program must be made and loaded up, then the station has to be prepped, and material chucked. This whole process on a yoyo just as plain as a Frantic would take approx. 4.5-6 hours depending on the machinist. A Single half of a Frantic would have to be ran in two processes, the rim and catch zone, and then the cup. These are fairly small parts and getting the required tools to cut accurately would mean one of two outcomes, either really small cuts OR a reeally slow process. We are talking upwards to maybe 30 minutes. So we are talking for your first SINGLE half from start to finish in terms of machining upwards to 5-6.5 hours. So if a company were to take on designs and cut them unique each time would mean an expensive machinist fee. I mean all of these times are of course approx. but think about it, would you pay $200+ for a yoyo just because you got to design it? If so, go call your local machine shop and get a quote.

Talk to a modder. The better ones can offer all of the above.