Ideas and advice?

Okay, so, quick background:
I turn 19 in a month. I “started” yoyoing almost exactly three years ago. I got a Duncan metal drifter and a YYJ Eneme for my 16th birthday. After a few months I just kind of drifted away from throwing and now that I’m in college, I started back up. I lost my Duncan, I still have been beaten-to-death Eneme and I recently bought a used DMII.
Since then, I’ve bought replacement O-rings and a Twisted Trifecta bearing.

Okay, now… Any ideas on what I should do modding-wise and/or new yo-yos I should get?

I was really disappointed when I heard that SPYY called it quits since The Ronin was always my dream yo-yo :confused: So now I think I’m leaning more towards One Drop and I’m really liking the “frog and toad” Summit and the “hair band” Sakura SE.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

This should be in the Help and Recommendation section but don’t worry your new and they’ll move this thread for you. If you are looking at the one drops. I totally recommend the Format C. It’s one of the smoothest yoyos I own and it’s great for starting back and wanting to get into advanced throwing, because of the wide enough gap and stability of it.

I would also recommend the summit. It is a very good shape, gap, and weight for a “beginning advanced” throw. You can buy it from the YYE Store or you can buy one from the forums for cheaper and maybe in a slightly used condition if you are worried about dinging it since it will be getting a lot if use (that’s how I am).

Another great throw to get is the Rally by One Drop. It’s the best plastic in my opinion. Stable, fast, long spinning, and overall GREAT yoyo. You can purchase it from the YYE Store. Hope everything goes out well, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

I kind of figured someone would say that I posted in the wrong place. Oh well lol

There’s something about plastic yo-yos that just turns me away though. I’ve heard a ton of great things about the OD Rally, but I just can’t bring myself to even consider it!

Any insight on the Sakura SE?

Haven’t tried it. But it looks awesome. Great reviews on it. I couldn’t recommend it since I haven’t tried it but it seems like great yoyo. Another yoyo I recommend is the code 2

It’s more of an outdated shape but I’ve found that yoyos released during the early time of when I was throwing always hold that fun and nostalgic feel to them. That said there’s so many other yoyos made today that outperforms it in my opinion.

For $10 more you can have a Format C or Irony JP which are 2 epic throws
The Cascade or summit are other one drops I’ve enjoyed as well
For the same price you could have a wrath, electric flash or triton
The Oxy IO is on the more organic side and only $100
The Werrd Eighty-Six 400 is a whole lot cheaper and lots of fun as well and if you want undersized there’s the Minute

I also enjoyed the new supernovas
I’ve also heard good things about the RecRevs

OneDrop Code 2 for sure.

Have one currently. Getting a cascade instead tho…

Code 2 is amazing!

The Ronin isn’t anything special. It plays quite slow, to be honest.

You can find a Ronin fairly easily on BST if you want to fulfil a dream. However, I agree that there are many other yoyos that might be better choices for you. In addition to the suggestions thus far, there’s the One Drop Chik.

None of them have the boss engravings of the Ronin, mind you. :wink:

I won’t lie, that’s basically the only reason why the Ronin was my dream yo-yo :stuck_out_tongue: I just loved the way it looked and it was my favorite looking SPYY. I’d want it for the collector’s value personally.

So far I’ve heard quite a bit of Code 2s and Chik, but I thought I read somewhere that the Summit is basically just like those two, but better?

It’s all about taste. I’ve owned all 3 of those yoyos, and I would take either the Chik or the Code 2 over the Summit. I like my Summit and all, but I just prefer the others.

What about them do you like?


Reverting back to the original post.

I notice that you say you want One Drop and then you mentioned the Summit and Sakura SE. Well, both of those are yoyos that are “partnership” yoyos.

OD partnered with CLYW for the Summit.
OD partnered with ILYY for the Sakura SE.

Just throwing that out there.

I am aware of this actually. That doesn’t mean One Drop didn’t play a part in making it lol. I was stating that I like One Drop and, as a added fact, I like those two.

I do most of my homework on my own. Just asking for some help on preferences.

If you are enjoying the dark magic, maybe take a look at the yoyojam h3x. It is a great yoyo, and takes pointers from the dark magic.

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