custom yoyos?

where can i get customized yoyos?

You’re not very likely to get one for mass production. The process of making a yoyo is very long and very expensive. However, there is one individual that I know of who would consider it, but he’d most likely only make the one. 3yo3 creates delrin yoyos, and is always open to suggestions.

Yes custom made yoyos are not mass produced (DUH). That’s kinda what makes hem custom made. Yes the DM is kind of “custom made” to André, but let’s face it; YYJ produces a lot of DMs (IMO), and to me they are a bit too “regular” to be “custom made”.

Some companies are open to the ideas of the public. But if you want a yoyo completely customized to your preferences, being sponsored by YYJ (they make a lot of signatures) might be a good idea. But back to the real life where you can’t just say “YYJ, make me a signature!” You can ask people that makes customized yoyos. I stumbled over a thread in the modding section and I found a “making a metal” project. If you could get private persons to make you a custom yoyo, then you have one.

Another way to get customized yoyos is to customize a yoyo yourself. You can mod a yoyo so it’s no longer like any other yoyo in the world. This might leave you with a feeling that you’ve just modded a yoyo and not gotten a custom one.

Addment: To get really unserious, Custom yoyos make yoyos that aren’t custom made.