Blue and Orange Yoyo

I’m looking for a metal yoyo that is blue and orange.

I thought that One Drop had used to customize dingos how you wanted them, but that doesn’t seem the case anymore.

If anyone knows any links where I could order a custom yoyo, that would be spectacular.

Couldn’t you get a blue and orange YYF Boss? (maybe it was blue and yellow).

Yes the Boss was blue with yellow.

But anyway, on One Drop’s shop(Make sure not to post links to other forums, If I should change that I’m not mentioning there store, Mods please tell me.), there at least used to be an option to have it custom anodized(ie splash, acid wash, etc. if that’s what you wanted.) by Vendetta but he’s not anodizing much right now.

Other wise if you wanted a dingo with one half blue and the other half orange you’d be able to buy that off their site, provided they have it in stock. At most reselling places since OD started having them at other stores they are usually only have solid colours. you could buy two and half swap though.

Best solution in my opinion would be to buy a yoyo that you like how it plays and such, then get it (Re)anodized by contacting someone who is anodizing yoyos and get them to anodize it for you.

isnt there a yfactor colorway as such

get a yoyo annoed the way u want

Vendeta isn’t anoing right now, and the only other person who anos is the black sun, but he lives in Europe, France, or somewhere out of the US I belive. So shipping is outrageous. Oh, and there is gruntball, but I have heard he charges a lot. Correct me if I am wrong, and if there are any other anoers I didn’t state please tell me. :wink:

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do anodizing?

I’m sure if one searched or asked they would probably be able to find another.

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Thank you all very much, hopefully I can get this done :smiley:

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