yoyo colors/ splashes that need to be made

there are all some splashes and solid colors and stuff that need to to happen as for me i think a nice bronze solid ano would look amazing on some yoyos or like a gold and silver splash anyone else on this?

I’m still kind of new so I’m not sure of anyone’s done it, but animal print. Like tigers, zebra, and giraffes?


Ohhhh that would look good. black with silver and gold splash. You’re a genius!

yeah but I think a nice solid bronze ano color would look amazing on some yoyos though.

that sounds pretty cool somebody should make it haha. I have no idea if they have made one of these but I would like to see a lemon/lime splash. Which would be a green base with yellow splash!. My kind of throw haha

Watermelon speckle: red base with green acid wash, and a black speckle over the entire thing…
I think that would be the bomb diggity.

1 half blue 1 half white. i’d name it the blue eyed mary, based on my favorite flower

Another red white and blue yoyo.

Another red white and blue yoyo.

Lemonade splash- Pink/yellow

could look like a spartan shield or something. Now that would be sweet. haha

I have a yoyo with a powdercoat thats like a zebra… havent seen an anodized one tho.

My fav colors! Light blue, light green, and yellow!

In general, I prefer solid colors. Metal-colors(raw, silver) I prefer best. Bronze can look nice. The Oxygene Io has a solid bronze. I picked one up, it looks amazing.

Gold and silver don’t tend to look good splashed together. Gold/black and black/silver work very well. Gold over purple looks good too, but it’s not a color I would go for. Blue and green work well with gold and silver as well.

I prefer simple whenever possible. I’m more tolerant of some things, but there’s only so far I’m willing to go in regards to colorways.

I want a soda base with ano ontop

If science permits, Glow in the dark anodization


cough cough plasma burn amplifier has that same color scheme it looks a lot better in person though.

not sure if this has been on anything but black base with yellow acid wash splash and blue acid wash splash

I was imagining the colors to be brighter. If my lemonade looked like the pink in the Amplifier colorway we’re gonna have a problem