Jason's Loaded YoYos: CLYW Peak and others on p.10! Yum.

Examples of some of my anodizing work. :slight_smile:

Blue and Orange DTI BassBoost

Blue and Gold DTI Beast


“Stars on Mars” Werrd 4XL

“Ironman Skywalker”

“Blue Green Algae 888x”

“Purple Haze Punchline”

“Sunshine Bassalope”

“Congo 888x”

“American BearVsMan”

“Gold Plated Genesis”

“Pink Panther Groovy Lady”

“Clareview Station Torrent”

Wow. Really cool anodizing and paint jobs! That DTI Beast is my favorite =) The sunshine one is pretty cool, too.

Can the Beast grind any better now that you’ve anodized it?


Sick nasty anodizing for real!

Wow, those look awesome. The Bassalope, skywalker, and Torrent. Maybe I’ll have you work on my beast once I get some more cash :wink:

NICE! Wow. great job. The Congo and the sunshine blew me away.

Wow. Your work is mind blowing.

Really nice. Keep it up.

Thanks everyone! I actually really like how everyone prefers a different yoyo. I have tried to be as diverse as possible in terms of colors and finishes because I am trying to master a wide range of techniques.

That Rasta 888 is for sale, btw. Check my BST thread. :slight_smile:

Those are wicked amazing!

I think the Punchline is the best looking. Love the colors.

Very very nice. I love the BvM

soon enough my torrent (not the clare view one) will be in this post

Yup! I have some cool ideas for that Torrent. I really love Torrents!

Couple new ones I did today:

Avalanche for “Oldedges”


BearVsMan for “i6ify”


Loaded YoYo #16: “Skittles Splash” Marmot

I’m not sure if a YoYo has been finished this way or not, but I think this might be a new original colorway. The “Skittles” finish is quite a bit more labor intensive than the other finishes. It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time, but wasn’t sure would come out well. I have to confess, I am really proud of this one.



Crap man. That’s incredible.

That is the coolest! Didn’t even know stuff like that was possible.

Well, from what I understand, the masking allows for a complete cover of the splash area, and since the color is black around the splash, a fade like that wouldn’t be impossible.

Correct me if I’m wrong, Jason :slight_smile:

Dude, it’s official. As soon as I get a raw and enough money, I’m hitting you up.

Pretty inspiring works you have there! I love a bunch of them. Epic stuff.

Thanks guys! New stuff from last night… a much better version of the Skittles splash on a Crucial Confection and the “Halloween Copycat”.




Really nice job dude, congratz !