YoYoExpert Edition Yo-Yo?

Do you think a YoYoExpert Edition Yo-Yo would be cool?

I think it would be pretty cool. Cause of the colors, red, black, and white. The edition would be amazinh

Do you think we should have one?

Yes or No?


Yes, but the mass produstion price and suck would be too much. YES i would do it but probabloy cant. Maybe YYE caps that go on Lgacy and DMs

I agree with Evan. A YYE yoyo is out of the question for the near future (especially since Andre is captain of YYJ). However, caps for the DM and Legacy are more realistic. One of the great things about YYE is that Andre is always surprising us. There’ll probably be a great addition to the site within the next couple of months. Also, this site just got started a few months ago, so who knows how big it could get?

Uh…I’m not sure if that would be fair to Andre. :-X

Happy Throwing! =]

I would have to say no. YoYoExpert is not a yoyo company. We could probably have YoYoExpert edition yoyos, like YYN does.

it will take time but eventually yoyoexpert will get yyj edition yoyos like yoyonation did

Tha’s what i ment. Not like a new yo-yo. Like a edition. I just coulden’t think of that word. Lol.