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I think yoyoexpert should sell yoyofactory t-shirts. I also think they should sell yoyo cases. What do you think?

I’ve got more thoughts on this than what I’m going to say just because I don’t know what those thoughts are.

That’d be cool.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm…why exactly? One you can get somewhere else and the other you can make for cheap… Neither are really “necessary” to the yoyo… But it would be nice yeah…

Check the section with improvements…

I asked for shirts a while ago and now we have two new ones, maybe they might get them in the near future…

As for cases its not that tough to make one

And BTW, I’d totatly buy a YYF shirt if they were here…

If you’re going to think of it like that, why does YYE even have a store?

Still, it’d be cool to get some. Hopefully André has a garage or something to put the inventory in, as opposed to it cluttering up his house? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo me YYE actually has stuff that you actually need to start yoyoing. if you want to display public affection to a company then go and buy a shirt somwhere else IMO… But we already got the YYJ shirts and I think thats cause Andre’s a YoYojam guy…

But when it comes down to it, André is running a business.

I agree that we should have cases, but I don’t think its possible since no one makes cases in bulk. However, I do recall YYF hinting at them making a case.

Also, I don’t think YYF makes YYF shirts to be sold to the general public.

I believe they will be during the fall.

Remember that post on about the YYF Fall 09 Apparel?

I’m looking forward to it (and I hope they sell the shirt with the 888 logo going diagonally across it)

Back on topic, I think it’s a great idea for YYE to expand their products. If it wants to compete with all of the other major stores it has to sell more things to draw people in. I think Yomega makes cases too.