Add More Items to Shop

Add These YoYoJam YoYos:
Big Yo
Black Knight
Hybrid Hitman
Mini MoTrixx

Add These Accessories:
Some Counterweights
KonKave Bearings ??? (I know these are in the shop, but there should be a small and large label)
YoYo Case
YoYoExpert T-Shirts!

YOYOEXPERT STICKERS!!! (with every purchase) :wink: ;D

Yes - we are working on this. :wink:
Lots of fun stuff to come.

I don’t think andre sells nearly enough to give discounts very often. If he sold hundreds of things weekly, maybe, but until then probably not.

It was just an idea if he does start to sell more.

I would LOVE to see some YoYoExpert T-shirts! ;D :o

yeah and a yoyoexpert yoyo case would be awesome. Is there a way for you to get those yoyoexpert?

free yoyoexpert stickers with evey order

yeah, and add the Jamboo yooy 8)

I don’t know about the yye stickers (I don’t thing that andre makes that much money)

yeah! add yoyo expert pacthes or somthing! ( I like the yoyoexpert T-Shirt idea!)