andre helps us a lot!!!!

hi I just wanted to post some of the things andre did to help us
heres the suggestions he made true (some of these aren’t complete but there’s parts of them that are on YYE):,781.0.html

well those are the ones
fell free to correct me if I missed anything or something is wrong
andre got HSpins!!!

yeah, he sure helps us alot! But still, this is in the wrong section i think.

Dont forget the chats and game shows!

Umm…in response to this thread:

Yay? :stuck_out_tongue:
But seriously André thanks so much. I probably wouldnt be the yoyoer I am today if it werent for people like you.

I am also thankful. If it wasn’t for this site and your tutorials, I proabably wouldn’t know what to do when I picked up yoyoing again!

Thanks alot!


Yeah. Think about the game shows. Around $100.00 every Chat Night? I’m with Samad if people like Andre weren’t here i woulden’t be the yo-yoer i am today. Thank’s alot Andre.


Not really. First chat night, $25, 2nd, like $40,3rd, $75, and 4th, $60. The first 3 were yoyos though.

You can’t forget the raffle prizes. I only remember a Journey and the t-shirts, but I think there were others.

But yes, André does so much for us.

What does he give on chat nights? What do you do??

BTW, Andre is soo helpful!!! He even told me when the Dark Magics were coming to YYE when I emailed him. I like emailed every site I know, but he was friendly, and prompt.etc, so I came to the YYE forum, and got my DM here too! :slight_smile:

He usually gives out a yoyo. But the last one was a gift certificate. We answer questions and whoever wins gets the prize!

;Dgo andre. without you i wouldnt even look at yoyos. i just wanted to say thanks for all that you’ve done. ;)you should be in like a yoyo hall of fame. ::slight_smile:

you rock ANDRE!!!

Well, since he’s national master, i guess you could say that he is, already ;D

Oh, and just for fun:


Haha Just Kidding. I just had to use that image. It has been inside my comp for too long without being used.


Well, since he’s national master, i guess you could say that he is, already ;D

Oh, and just for fun:

what image?

Oh dear, the image isn’t coming out right! >:(

yeah i gotta say if i hadnt looked on youtube and found André’s expert village stuff (the stuff thats on here as well) i wouldn’t have started yoyoing! the first one i saw was was brain twister! i was like OMG!! haha then i found YYE, and this forum i would have probably given up if i hadnt! so i feel i should not only say thanx to andre but you guys as well! you lot are awesome! each and every one of you! haha!