Andre is always a class act!


What a great guy. Seriously.


agreed. he’s the one of the top reasons I chose to join these forums.


Yup. Andre rocks. I can totally forgive this whole thing, I’m sure he was trying his best. Thank you Andre!

(Owen) #4

You people who were all yelling at YYE should be the ones apologizing -_-

Seriously guys, it was Thanksgiving; You know, the day of giving thanks?

Like the fact that you have a quality website with great customer service to buy your yoyos from, and how you should be thankful for that.

Just my opinion on this whole hubbub.

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(George Wollaston) #6

This. Andre didn’t need to apologise for something that was out of his hands.

Just out of interest, what did you guys think spamming your F5 key was going to do to a site the size of YYE? If the site isn’t working, don’t kick it while it’s down…

(SR) #7

Andre is a really really good guy. He didn’t have to apologize at all, for something that was for the most part out of his control.

I too, would like to apologize as some of the things I said on this forum last night were just unacceptable. I did not display my character well and I became frustrated and lashed out. That was wrong. I apologize to YoYoExpert and the forum community for this.

YYE is a great place, and I will continue to shop here. I bought my first yoyo here, every purchase since then has been wonderful. Really great site here guys, we’re lucky. Thank you Andre.




The reason I joined YYE was because of Andre’s tutorials which helped me out quite a lot. The thing that half got me into yoyoing was the Yomega stuff (because I had a fireball) but Andre got my full attention, in fact, I tried to stick to Yomega but I couldn’t resist looking at more of Andre’s videos so here I am now. Btw another thing that got me to these forums is this community because I actually don’t have any proper yoyoing friends that are really dedicated so thank you everyone especially Studio42 who has actually probably helped me the most.


That pretty well sums it up (from both sides).


I for one stopped spamming it. But then I didn’t get one. :frowning:


I really like Andre’s character. Yes, of course, the tutorials too!


Yeah, found it a very classy move, seeing as he technically has no reason to apologize.


Totally agree. My girlfriend spent 3 hoirs on here last night. She was more excited to get one for me than I was. Andre really is a class act and like stayed before is the reason I am here today. Keep up the great work!


I’m thankful there are still people who are as classy and humble as Andre. thumbs up



Yah, the apology letter means a lot. It shows he cares about us, his customer. I don’t know of any other business that is pretty large that would set out a apology letter. Thanks Andre!


This is why I’m proud to be a yoyoer.


same here


The people getting mad should be the ones apologizing André is a very busy guy and this whole thing was not in his control

I was very upset that I couldn’t buy a Mystery Box but I didn’t yell and cry about it like most people on the forums

Though I hope next year they bring in more boxes that might help :slight_smile:


Humble is only one of Andres classy traits . I assure you he has many,having know him for years he has never failed to show that Boulay smile when you see him and never faltered in saying a kind word or two. You will be very hard pressed to find a more reliable and honest company or a more patron friendly establishment than YoYo Expert. Mr. Eli