andre on forum

hey guys,
dont you think it wood be cool if andre participated in the forums
not as admistrator but as , i dont no, just andre
just a thot

I think that would be cool. However, in my experience, the “powers that be” tend to not mingle with the masses. That’s not because of a superiority complex, it’s usually because they are too busy doing the stuff that runs the business.

I’m guessing that Andre has quite a bit of hands on involvement in the selection of products that is being offered. I also know he is handling some of the email here as well. I’m not sure how big YYE is as company, but regardless, running a storefront, that’s probably keeping him busy part of the day right there making sure orders are being fulfilled. I’m sure some of it comes with playing the various models to put the teaser on there to make people want to buy stuff, but I’m guessing. Who knows what other plans they have in store.

I know if I ran a forum on my site, I’d try to be active on it.

Andre IS YYE. Hes the only person on YYE other than the mods and admin onthe forum. He does however come in and post as Andre.

Well, then he’s one heck of a busy dude. I’d hope YYE is to the point where it’s more than just a one-man operation. My business model is a bit more niche, and it is a one-man operation, but come show time, I pull in manpower as needed.

All I can say is that if it wasn’t for the learning videos here, I’d be really frustrated. I also try to do all my yoyo purchases through here as well. Hey, when I find a place I like I tend to stick to it.

1: Good selection in the store.
2: Good atmosphere in the forum, thanks to the many mods to police and enforce rules when needed.
3: GOOD atmosphere on the IRC chat room, again thanks to the mods who keep things under control as needed.
4: Excellent customer service by the company. They know how to take care of customers, as do I. It’s not easy, and those who have those skills are unfortunately rare these days. It’s nice to find it here. Although I do have to say, the other yoyo stores also have placed emphasis on customer service, so perhaps this community overall is super friendly and helpful.

I wish I had my business located nearby. I’d volunteer to assist in certain things here and there, but I’m across the country.

I would imagine that Andre would get blasted by questions if he was on here alot. He seems to get alot on his Facebook page.

He gets on his FB? I tried adding him and it won’t let me :frowning:

I tried added him on FB too, only it say he has the maximum Friends or something like that. BUT, I will have you know that even though you don’t see him here on the forum he is watching. Also I think he is working at the A to Z toy store in Mass. and I think thats where he runs YYE from as well. Plus he’s always willing to trade a couple Emails with you, he’s a good guy. I remember I had made an Order once (actually my very 1st yoyo Purchase online) well my Credit Card was messed up or something, well he had sent me the yoyo and then I recieved an email from Andre about my payment got declined or something like that and that I owed for my Order still and I had already recieved my yoyo. Well I told him I will pay you ASAP and he told me “just let me know when your ready to pay”. I was a little taking back only because where I live if you don’t pay you don’t recieve. Well he never blew my email up with are you gonna pay me or anything. I paid him like a wk later when I figured out my Credit Card situation. Well he was real humble and thankful that I paid him and I was like No man Thank You, you gave me the benefit of the doubt. Anyone else would have called the police and say I scammed em or something. Well he was totally cool with it and even sent me an Autographed card with my next order, he’s replace my protostar that was messed up on delivery along with my YYJ Lube all over the package. He made it up to me with new YYJ Lube an xtra CT Bearing Stickers, Needless to say I told him he has some of the best Customer Service skillz I’ve seen in a while and he has my Business and money. I haven’t bought a yoyo or supplies from any other place/site other then from Andre and YYE, kinda like what Studio 42 said “Hey, when I find a place I like I tend to stick to it.” well I’m the same way, plus he’s close to home and when I make an order I pay for the 13 dollar delivery and I usually have my package the next morning because I hate waiting for my Stuff, lol. I’m like a Big Kid, lol and dang if I could I would go right down the Street and Buy a Quality YoYo, But my cheesy Town and probably State don’t have a good hobby shop that carries YoYo’s other then Duncan Butterflies and Imperials as well as Yomega’s (and not even a Metal Yomega like a Mav or Dash) and I only got lucky to find my 1st metal at Toys R Us which was a Duncan Drifter (with a little Modding it was Fine). Any Way Andre is Cool by me and I bet if you send an email with any question or Trick Questions He’ll help

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Great story, but I am worried that I was the only one who read through the whole thing. :wink:

Nope. I read it.

I read it as well. Andre is so cool.

I have had a similar expirience. i ordered a zen 5, and as soon as i got it, it was cutting strings. i asked if i could exchange it (even though it was nearly destroyed because of many cuts…) and they held my dv888 for me. also, they were able to stand taking 10 calls from me in a day xD.

People like is why I stick with it and enjoy yo-yoing, even though the closest I get to yo-yoing with anyone is through videos and that I’m just starting to do only because I just got a Camcorder that actually works half way decent. I bought it from my Local Video store(it’s called Hollywood Video and they Buy and Sell Movies, Games, Games Systems, any newer Model TV’s and DVD players, Camera’s, Ipods, GPS’s, etc etc) it’s a great place because if you need money for your next YoYo and it’s more important then your PS3, They’ll give you a check you can cash at the bank 2 buildings down or you get Store credit (which is usually 5-10 dollars more then the Cash Option). But anyway I can start making some vids (YAY Me) and I also have been Thinking of Starting a YoYo Club, because I’ve never seen any other people around where I live YoYoing and was Thinking that maybe if I do start a Club maybe more people will start popping up and show up and then I can get me some YoYo friends ;D lol. I mean I know I can’t be the only one YoYoing in my area. Although I need just find out my Nephew likes to YoYo. It was funny because he came over yesterday and saw my collection and asked if he can use one, now know that all my yoyos are unresponsive I let him use my YYJ Darkmagic 2 that I keep responsive. It was funny, he doesn’t know I can yoyo. He just thinks I collect them, well he says uncle watch. Now mind ya he’s only like 13-14 and doesn’t own a yoyo but like them, well he say watch and throws down and pulls up into a wobbly Rock the Baby then does a loop to loop, so I was like well he knows a couple tricks so nows my chance to show him what I can do and then Teach him how to yoyo (a Chance to get a YoYo Buddy). Well I get up and tell him to watch this and I start with a Tower he say I used to know how to that so I dismount into a GT then a Dbl or Nthg into a Matrix and bind. I look up and his chin is hanging done, it was Priceless. He say uncle I had no Idea, I said I’ve been practicing for about 9 mos. and then showed off a little and he says have you thought about going to contest and I laughed and said I wish, he says your good enough why? well for 1 I’m not fast enough and 2 I’m still having trouble landing some of my tricks but maybe in the future. I said are you really into yoyoing before I could finish, he interrupts and says I love yoyoing I just don’t have 1. I told him if he promises to stay dedicated and go on YYE to learn with this FH2 I’m gonna give you and you show me that your learning and staying dedicated (because he hops from favorite to favorite and forges about the 1st favorite lol). I told him I’ll give him one of my nicer metal yoyo’s and he tells me “uncle watch when you come to the BBQ on Saturday, You’ll see how much I’ve learned”. So I hope he really sticks with this, Mainly because he needs something to keep him out of trouble and keep his mind off his dad who promises to pick him up for the weekend and never shows up and is always in and out of jail (Loser) I know it’s family but you don’t do that to kids. And again I’m babbling, lol I’m sorry I don’t mean to right such long post but I don’t get to talk much about yoyoing with anyone around here and my wife Thinks it’s just me holding onto my child hood, But I like I told her I grew up playing with them off and on since I was little and reason I do it more now then ever is because I’ve been Struggling with Drug Addiction for yrs and YoYoing is like my new Drug, I’ve been clean now for a cpl yrs now but it’s still an everyday Struggle and Yoyoing is a great Outlet for me and keeps me busy and active. So all in all I’m a Happy Drug Free YoYoer and love the attention I get when YoYoing in Public and making Kids watch with an excited Smile on their faces and taking Older people down Memory Lane is my New High :slight_smile:

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Where is your area?

I’m all for people staying clean and sober, no matter what it takes.

I’m lucky. Despite being in entertainment, and no shortage of abusable/usable substances readily available, I never smoked. I never consumed alcohol and I have never done drugs. Even when I’m injured and on pain killers, I really detest being medicated and will stop the meds as soon as I possibly can. I’ve yet to finish a pain killer prescription, it’s usually 3-4 doses in and I stop and just tough it out.

That stuff destroys and kills people.

I’d rather see someone saying they are yoyoing than getting high or wasted. The fact that BigRob10 is using yoyo rather than doing something he knows is no good for him, then hey, that redirected energy is well used in something that is enjoyable and in many ways, productive. What is fun for others may be therapeutic for others(and may also still be fun). And now look how he uses yoyo’ing: He’s using it to be a source of positive reinforcement for another individual who has too much negative in his life. He’s starting a cycle of positive to replace cycles of negative. In general, the world needs more of that: more positive and less negative. Through overcoming his daily stuggles to keep himself in a place he would prefer to be, he’s showing someone else the same thing, just with different circumstances. What do you bet in turn that this favor will be paid forward as well? I bet it’s pretty good.

Yoyo should be fun and positive. I hope it always stays that way.

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Andre is awesome. He saves lives.