helping out


so after being on these forums for a little while now and i love the community here. with that said i was wondering if there is any way to get further involved on the forums here? i want to give back a bit since the community has been so kind. :smiley:


Your opinion and experience is all that Is asked on the forums. However, you can e-mail André and talk to him and see if you can do more. I’m glad he would be happy to talk to you.

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Just be pleasant, honest, helpful and follow the rules. Quality posts are always a welcome addition.

It’s the members that set the tone of a forum.

Btw…Good job guys! :wink:


nightshadow who is andre?


The guy that owns YYE and this forum… :wink:


I’ve heard he knows a jojo trick or two.



Andre Boulay


does anyone know his email? i wana get in touch but cant seem to find it


just contact him by YYE forums his screen name is YoyoExpert