i need 2 contact an expert

does anyone kno how i could contact Andre or JD or someone like that???

Rumor has it that a person on this forum named YoYoExpert is in fact André Boulay himself. Shoot him a Private Message.

You can also send and email or give him a phonecall here

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Whats wrong? Maybe I can help you.

I was just gonna say-Just ask one of the forum experts
The only difference is that andre runs this site.
And yeah, icthus too. I’ve heard he’s a trustworthy person:D


Why thank you.

Your welcome.
Lol I don’t even know why he wants to contact ANYONE.
I was just suggesting you because you suggested yourself.
I just confused myself.

That is correct. LOL!!!
When I saw that I sprayed the remains of my half eaten snickers
bar all over the screen.!!!

The only reason icthus is so helpful is because hes a bear.

True story.

AAAMMMMM NOOTTTT, wait, what? Huh, where is I Samad? HELP MEEEEEE! 0.0

Oh, and sorry for the thread jack!

well no offense, but i thought that andre or the contact place would be more helpful

How where they NOT helpful? They offered to help you, infact, Jonas told you how to contact them.

There isn’t anything wrong at all with posting it here, if we don’t help, then call them. They’re more busy than us, so we should bethe first choice. What was your question? Maybe we can help.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to talk to Andre, and you can send him a PM with all your questions here.

9 times out of 10, your questions are ones that many people have and that’s the beautiful thing about a forum. Andre is the administrator of this site and he will chime in if he has the answer that no one else does.

If you post your question here, you’ll get a faster response and you’ll be making the answer available to everyone that has your question.

ive talked to andre his name was yoyoexpert. he was really nice and helped a lot

i was going to ask about the good throws to see if he had different advice, but all i received were the links to the tutorial vids

That’s probably his indirect way of recomending you Dark Mgic, lol. You could always find reviews on it, and other yoyos in the archives. Gorilla_YO’s in particular are always top-notch. :wink:

With that question, we could help fine. André/YYE staff can help also, but their very buissy.

If our information isn’t helpful, tell us that you don’t want the tutorial video links.

Your problem might be that you’re either not throwing straight, or not throwing hard enough

If its not hard enough, the answer is self-explainable. Give the throw a bit more power.

If its the straight problem, throw breakaways/sleepers next to a wall, and try to get it exacly alligned with that wall consistently. Its all in muscle memory.