Well done Andre

Well, I have been thinking about all the wonderfull work that andre has done for this site so i would like to congradulate him for all his hard work. Also, I would like to have everybody post one thing he has done so that at the end we can just look at the # of posts and see how many wonderfull things Andre has done for us, and the yoyoing community.

I’ll start: Andre has always been up to date in getting the most up to date yoyo’s. ex. we get yyf yoyos much earlier then yyn or any other place. now its your turn.

Oh I almoast forgot, I would also like to have posts about the yye forum eXperts.

screw the forum experts, they suck…:stuck_out_tongue:

but dont give all the credit to andre. im sure there are many more people that make yye great.

say, andre, who are the staff members anyway? ::slight_smile:

He has answered my many, many “noobish” questions and not once complained.

he added more 5a tutorials

Let’s see here… just one thing?

Okay. Amazing tutorial videos.

Agreed. I don’t think alot of us would be far in yo-yoing if it weren’t for Andre’s tutorials.

I learned every thing from trapeze to skin the gerbal from Aundre’s tuts!

He designed the Dark Magic and Legacy…

He paid for my shipping on my most recent order because my Dark Magic was coming anyways. :smiley:

Yes André, who are the staff members?

he opened the site!!!(i think lol)

andre is always a good role model and increasing the # of yoyoers world wide

Dark Magic=best yoyo ever.

I learned all my tricks from him in his amazing tutorials.


I also agree that he made great tutorials and I also learned pretty much all i know from them. But he also helps out many people who need it. I think thank that is really nice and I thank him for that the most.so thanks ;D

his ability to think about others :’( :’( :’(

for taking time out of his day to help the yoyo comunity

one of the reasons he became Yoyo Master( so yeah being awesome at yoyoing doens’t make you an official yoyo master)

always quick to lend a helping hand when asked! Andres tutorials are possibly the most popular on the internet…Im so glad I wandered here…