Video Lesson Coach

I was just curious who the person in the video tutorials for the site are.

I looked, and I don’t see his name anywhere. Who is he?

André boulay. He’s the site owner and a professional yoyo master! And a real awesome guy.

That’s André Boulay, the proprietor of and sponsor of this site.

maaaan you guys could have at least made up a funny story.

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You mean like this:
André is a National YoYo Master, co-founder of the Triple Crown of YoYo, former team manager for YoYoJam, and owner of His signature yoyo, the Dark Magic, is one of the best-selling YoYoJam models ever created, and his instructional videos have taught millions of people how to yoyo, making him the most successful and effective yoyo demonstrator in history.


Andre Boulay. Did you not know his name? Just type in his name on google and you’ll get a ton of info on him.

If there’s a list of 5 yoyoers you just have to know, Andre would be on that list.

He’s one of the very few national yoyo masters, owns the site, judges multiple contests including the World YoYo Contest, he was very relevant at contests(meaning he could easily place high) back in the day but nowadays he just judges. His signature yoyo is the Dark Magic II, which is probably the most famous yoyo of all time and has been considered the gateway yoyo to yoyoing by many ever since it was released.

I thought he was still the YYJ team captain? He left?

He graduated. :wink:

Thanks for the info. I think it says something that he doesn’t seem to have the need to see his name plastered all over everything as well.

excellently worded.

He’s a really nice and humble guy :slight_smile:

Yeah…, this site really is helpful and has most certainly helped me in oh’ing the refine of my skills. Andre is a really good Thrower and I am definitely on YYE’s Bandjywagon. I don’t know if I would have kept Yo-Yoing if communities like this weren’t around, the videos helped me learn Boingy Boing, Kamikaze, Gyroscopic Flop, and most recently, Darth Vader.

Correction, if there’s a list of 1 yoyoers you just have to know, Andre would be on that list.

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André here! I actually decided to build a ‘separate’ account so that people can identify when I am posting versus my team (for YoYoExpert product announcements, etc).

Let me know if you have any questions for me! Happy to answer. :slight_smile:


Whoa nice to see you!

darkmagic 4a ftw

Hey André. Just want to say thanks for this awesome resource! If it weren’t for your videos I would still be rockin’ the cradle… and how boring is that?! Great forum, great videos, and great store! Thanks for adding to an already awesome community.

Much appreciated. ;D

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What a throwback, my first high end throw was a gold Trinity four or five years ago.