OK guys I am here to say that Yoyoexpert is an awesome website. Their customer service is remarkable and they aren’t just business they also want to help you prosper unlike most other websites. I want to give a huge thanks to Andre Boulay and the Yoyoexpert staff. You are all awesome and I hope this site will prosper and grow even larger than it already is. Kris Rathbone

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You probably didn’t get inspired by the post I made :wink:

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I’ll just copy this to every thread applicable.

Andre is a really really good guy. He didn’t have to apologize at all, for something that was for the most part out of his control.

I too, would like to apologize as some of the things I said on this forum last night were just unacceptable. I did not display my character well and I became frustrated and lashed out. That was wrong. I apologize to YoYoExpert and the forum community for this.

YYE is a great place, and I will continue to shop here. I bought my first yoyo here, every purchase since then has been wonderful. Really great site here guys, we’re lucky. Thank you Andre.


He could not of done anything anyways