About Yoyo expert and there customer service


Hey guys,

I know you guys missed me , kidding no one probly know who in the name of joseph i am but i wanted to talk turkey for a couple of mins,

i wanted to say that ever since i started to throw seriously ive always like yoyojam i never tried any other brand, and the reason im saying this is because i believe in loyalty i believe, if a company goes out there way to write you a personal note on your order sheet( WHICH YOYOEXPERT DOES) and if they go out there way to make sure the yoyo works they deserve your business period.

And the other day i called up Andre and i talked to him for a few mins placed an order, and bam he didnt just take my money and said “welp youll recieve it in a couple of days”, he actually held a conversation. That in it self was impressive, so you know i waited a couple of days for my purchase and everything was great i just had an issue with my hitman but andre took care of it, again yoyoexpert went out of there way to make sure i was happy, and that my friends tell’s me 2 things 1 they care, 2 they want to earn your business.

Now you ask me eddie will you buy from anywhere esle, no i wouldnt; your probaly saying this dude is a liar! Actually i was gonna play an order on yoyonation.com i felt like crap. I thought to my self you know what i havent learned crap from them , no videos no chat room, nothing so i called andre told him what i did he laughed, and i placed my order with them. and your like ilyy’s, or 1drop project, or weerd yoyos what about them, well friends its like this i sell toyota’s for a living , i wouldnt buy a ford or a chevy even if they said the leather just came out of the cows butt, its about selling the product, selling the store, and selling your self, and i just said all this to say that YOYO EXPERT… is just that. customer service 1st thanks yoyo expert for everything, for the video’s for your time and also for the great service.

And YOYOEXPERT you will hear from me soon on my next order’s <— yes i said orders :slight_smile:


this is great, I love this site, in fact i like this better than yoyonation as well,
Brrrrilliant work Andre :smiley:


True. I love this site. YoYoJam has amazing stuff. I’ve tried YoMega and Duncan, but this site beats them all. Thanks André!


this is a great site indeed. iv never personally bought from it but i most likely will some time(when i can afforded it). Grade A André.

(Connor) #5

I agree absolutely 100%. Andre, this site, YoYoExpert, and everything else related to them is just fantastic!!!


Also if YYE had a meter for the happiness of users it would be at 100% every day. in fact I’m gonna make a pole on it later. cya