Kudos to yoyoexpert!!


I just want to send out a big THANK YOU to Andre and his crew. I have now bought 5 yoyo’s from them and each time their customer service has been top notch. My emails were all quickly responed to and they helped me with each and every purchase. I am lucky to live close to them and I have had the pleasure to go in and try out all of them before I bought them. How awesome is that!! Today I picked up the Planet 9 from Yomerica Spindustries and LOVE it. Andre was there to assist me the whole time with the 5 other yoyos that I was looking at. Great customer service all around. THANK YOU!!!

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but uhh, Kudos is spelled with a K.

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Andre is the man. Straight up. Glad to see you got the service YYE is famous for.


YoYoExpert FTW. ;D



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I love yoyoexpert they always ship my stuff to me in 2 days

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I live really close to YYE aswell. I always kinda wanted to ask if I could do this but I thought it was a silly question. Glad to see someone is actually doing it!



Lets go! you me and mgiroux!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

i got usps deliver on saturday…yay


i wanna go i live pretty close :slight_smile:

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As long as you make an appointment during their normal business hours they are great about it. Just give them a few days notice. They are really great!


Thanks for the kind words!

As mgiroux77 said:
We are always happy to accommodate visitors to our office as long as an appointment is arranged ahead of time. Just contact us ahead of time: Contact@YoYoExpert.com


You just can’t beat YoYoExpert’s customer service. Not even just as a yo-yo store, but as a store in general. It’s no wonder why there’s such a loyal customer base (myself included).


Andre, can you tell us the story of how you started YYE and what it was like in the first year or so?

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It was like Samad, Samad and more Samad.


Did andre consider suicide in that first year?

i kid…i kid…maybe not…



once i get enough money (friday!!) ill prob talk to andre about going in to get a Pacquiao