Special deals, coupon codes, or free shipping?

Ordered my Dark Magic and Pocket change from here in single orders, which didn’t cost much, but I plan to get a bundle of stuff soon. Sets of hundred-count strings, both thick and thin lube, maybe some shims, and several yoyos, all together. Likely will be from eighty to a hundred bucks. Any special deals for big orders here; (add ins, free shipping, or coupon codes), or plans for such in the future?

And yes, I know the site isn’t required to do anything for me for picking them over others, but I was just curious what keeps people ordering from any specific sites. Most known yoyo sites have the same prices, just varied prices on shipping.

Edit Note: This ain’t a random topic for just coupon codes, so please don’t spam it for such. Sometimes promotions kick in once a minimum of money is met.

So you are basically asking for a discount?

If you’re not, then you shouldn’t have a problem. We can’t predict when YYE will start doing some campaign, so you’d be better off if you just Pm’ed ths to André.

Yeah, you could ask André if he’s willing to do anything like this, and working something out with him would be your best bet. However, if he says he can’t do anything special, don’t take it personally. I know that if he can help you out, he will, but don’t be discouraged or anything if he can’t.

It’s like people don’t even read at times. I’m asking for information, not a discount. Regardless if a deal is given or not, I’ll buy with ease, but thanks for assuming anyway, and telling me that you can’t predict, though I’m sure people don’t know the future. I was hoping someone with ‘insight’ would be posting.

On that note, I hope your day gets better, Jonask; you don’t seem to be in much of a good mood. PM if you want to talk, guy.

And yeah, I figured as much Brian, so that seems like that would be my best bet. And nah, I won’t take it personal. I’m not the only one in a recession, haha. Sites have to make money too. Thanks man.

YoYoExpert’s One Year Anniversary is coming up!  :wink:

Make sure you sign up for the email list - this is where you will find out about promotions, etc.

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Edit:  Now on the listing.  That should make things so much easier to find out.

Just so that you know for future reference, there is a thank you button in the top right corner of each post for just this thing.

Yeah, I know.  I’ve given one.  I just feels there’s something more personal about verbal ones, instead of a quick button press.  And also, I wasn’t sure if there’s a limit on how much you give per day, etc.  Know of any ‘thanks’ limitations on that note?

Good point.

Hmm. I don’t think so. I think I saw somebody give close to 100 in an hour or so. (Almost none of them had a point to them though.)

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Haha, yeah thus they usually have limitations, so people won’t spam them, or build up their friends’. Alright though. I’ll likely get on to giving them out when people sincerely help in addition to my personal thank you’s, and you’ll be the first at this moment. Thanks for everything, man.

Edit: Given. Put it on your last statement, but it’s for the posts earlier included.