Are there any coupon codes for YYE such as free shipping or __% off?

Not that they give out willy nilly. You can sometimes get them by winning contests/random drawings, but those happen pretty infrequently and YYE usually makes it a point to make sure that people hear about them.

Dangit I might not be able to get my Confetti Puffin now ):

Darn. Maybe I should enter more contest.!

Well there’s the ‘Stick it. Click it. Send it. Win it!’ contest that happens once a month where you have to get chosen or get the most thank you’s for posting your photo with the Yoyoexpert sticker that you get with your order from Yoyoexpert.

Best way is to subscribe to their newsletter where YYE might have some nice sales/discount codes only exclusive for those who subscribe. Doesn’t hurt to have a few emails from YYE right? :]

I signed up for that. Also Their blog says discounts, usually holidays Halloween, Christmas. ect.

There are a lot of opportunities for discounts and prizes on the site. There are the various sales they have. I took advantage of a bunch of them this year, the sale on July 4th, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday come to mind. Then, if you buy from the store, you have a chance to win various prizes, including gift certificates, in the trading card packs. Also, keep an eye on the forum, because I ran three contests in the last six months or so, with gift certificate prizes. Then, you have the Stick it, Click it and Win contest that happens routinely each month, as stated above. There are lots of sales throughout the year.

My favorite sale this year was the Cyber Monday sale. There was a list of yo-yos, where if you bought 2 or more of them, you got 30% off the yo-yos. Two yo-yos I was watching all year long were on the list. The 3yo3 Omnicron X, and ILYY Void. I got a killer discount on those throws. I remember the CLYW Glacier Express was on the list too.

In short, keep an eye on the Blog, the forum, and YoyoExpert Facebook page, so you know when to get the bargains.