Bape 2?

I’ve been thinking about picking one up. Anyone tried it out yet?

I picked one up a while ago when I was pretty new to yoyoing, and initially I couldn’t wait to get rid of it, I found it awkward in play, and the shape didn’t appeal, I figured that maybe it was like the 888 has become - great in it’s time but maybe a bit lacking these days (or so the story goes at least). So I got rid of mine pretty quickly, but not too long ago got a new one for a pretty good price. And going back to it with perhaps a little more skill I found it to be a much more enjoyable experience. It’s not a competition throw these days but it’s fun and it looks and feels pretty awesome. So I guess my takeaway message is don’t pick one up if it’s going to be one of your only high end metals, but if you want a good time yoyo with a feel for fun then go for it. I’ve linked an interesting review here too:

:slight_smile: That is my article :slight_smile:

As I wrote there and what I still think after owning it for 4 months. It’s just so much fun to play, awesome for grinds and it’s really beautiful. Play isnt on par with modern competitive yo-yos, but I still can do all my tricks on it.

My biggest problem is cutting strings, I got rid of that with car wax, and price 145$, which is ridiculous. Luckily I got it much cheaper and you still can found new in stores for great price.

This yo-yo has many flaws, but it’s definitly keeper :slight_smile:

thanks for the reviews. I’ve always been a fan of undersized heavier throws(y-factor p2 entheos battosai dietz with brass domes) and don’t play a lot of competition metals. The strong cutting does worry me though.

The string cutting is a nuisance but I really didn’t find it a problem. I actually just extensively rubbed the bearing seat and region around it with the Anti-yo bag and that seemed to sort it pretty easily. If you think it’s still going to be a problem just use a slightly hardier string. And with no hi-jack intended I think Bina’s blog site is aces.

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I typically use dragon string or my own nylon so it sounds like as long as I wear it down ill be fine.

I recommend using cheap standard poly for few first days, it will clearly show how much problematic is anodization on your bape. I was rubbing it with denim for days and still was cutting strings, so I went with ruff car wax, which worked great.

I rubbed the response area of mine with a bit of Mother’s Mag Polish and it has never given me any problems. Fantastic yoyo.