Anti-Yo - Bapezilla.2 vs. Ywet


I’ve been looking at Anti-Yo lately. Can anybody tell me about these two or one of them?
Do they both have the string-eating-issue? But besides of that:
Playability etc? The response on the Ywet is outdated, but the recess takes silicone groove-pads.

All help appreciated :slight_smile:


Basically any yoyo with a bead blast could cut string, when ever you get one change the string often for awhile. It seems like the first run ywet’s didn’t get the hub area smoothed out much if at all. I guess sonny just wasn’t into doing that I don’t really know.

They both play great; they are not overly stable yoyos, or overly wide yoyos. More of a classic play then a lot of there modern counterparts.

They will likely be less stable then what you are used too, and won’t play horizontal as easy as some throws designed for it.

I love them they both play great, and if it was not for my income being so low, and their cost so high I would have both. I am not into many new throws but those are two I want for sure.

Having side effects means you can change out the hubs for many different configurations to suit your style of play, or just aesthetics.

There are different design theory’s in yoyos. These are based around fun play rather then competition play if you ask me. Fun play is what I go for. Basically doesn’t seem these where designed for max spin time, stability, and what not, like yoyos designed specifically for competition.


I own both. In my experience most people prefer the Bapezilla 2. it has the best finish i have ever tried.


Thank you both! So the Bapezilla is probably the better play-wise?
And is it so that the Vizilla and the Bapezilla.2 is the same thing in different colors?


The initial release of the YWET had string eating issues, but the later widespread release didn’t. Bapezilla.2 also had string eating issues, but I don’t think the Viszilla did.

Basically yes, although the Viszilla finish is also a hardcoat (Type III as opposed to Type II anodisation).

Very few do nowadays as the most manufacturers mask off the main area that will come into contact with the string to prevent this. No idea why Anti-Yo has so much difficulty doing the same.