Question about Anti-yo!

Hello there! I am literally 20minutes outside of San Francisco CA and I thought it would be awesome to support a local company!
I read somewhere that one of their yo-yos cut through the string because of some masking issue! I unfortunately do not remember which yoyo that was so I’d like to know which ones you all recommend :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton!

This was a fairly consistent problem for Anti-Yo.

Recently, the Viszilla was pretty bad about cutting string, as was the first run YWET. I’ve seen mixed reviews about the Bape 2, some people think it’s as bad as the Viz and other say it’s alright.

Either way, if you’re buying an Anti-Yo that’s annodized, I’d probably give the inner wall a little rub with a pair of jeans just to be sure, and then be mindful of where you’re throwing for the first hour or two just in case it does cut.

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Oh so it is a problem that can be easily fixed then? That is great news thanks!

Yeah, it will eventually fix itself even if you do nothing more than play the yoyo, since the string will wear the roughness of the finish down a bit. But, you have to really watch out because it may cut through 3 or 4 strings pretty quickly before this happens.

Rubbing with denim is usually a pretty effective way to wear it down just a bit without marring the finish. New anti-yo’s even come in a denim pouch, so that’s a great tool.

Yeah, its not like the yo-yo finish is a problem or anything; its just that you have to scrape-down the blast so it does not cut the string. No problem here citizens, just move along… :frowning:

LOTS better ways to spend your money than on a yoyo that needs to be “modified” to be usable. If the blast is a problem - why did the manufacturer NOT FIX this problem at the source? I have purchased two Anti-Yo’s so far. Both were not worth the money paid.

MOST disappointing.

I bought a Bapezilla.2 simply because I thought it looked cool. Nowadays I realize that I prefer different specs…but it still looks really sweet.

I read about the string-eating issues and some people did get burned really bad when a brand new dragon string snapped and the yoyo went into concrete…Kinda crazy.

I buffed it down with denim and it still looks fantastic and doesn’t fray the strings. I’m happy with the purchase HOWEVER I do think its pretty absurd that they don’t mask the catch zone like General Yo or other companies do.

I completely agree with YoyoGeezer that this issues should have been fixed by the manufacturer. I also somewhat agree that from a pure play standpoint these yoyos probably aren’t worth their current pricetag. The caveat to that for me is that my opinions have changed since I started yoyoing, and I now think they’re great fun to play. They’re not great for learning, they don’t have the best spin times ever, they aren’t the most stable yoyos out there, but the ones I have tried are just really fun to play and good looking to boot. If you are going to purchase one, the Bapezilla.2 is likely to be the easiest to find as it was the latest released I believe. Alternatively find a cheapish Anti-yo on the BST and try it out. Their shapes tend to be similar, so if you dislike it immediately maybe support another brand instead, or just try all different brands/sizes/shapes :slight_smile: .

I have to agree, even though I really love my Bapezilla2, I would never pay over 100$ for it(and I didint).

I can’t wait for someone to step in with a car manufacturing analogy. Frankly, I’m disappointed that yoyogeezer didn’t jump at the chance!

My thoughts are that it’s not a big deal. The age of predictable metal has made metal yoyos boring. I love many companies, but I am annoyed at all this precision and cookie cutter. Who decided that only a vibeless 56mm yoyo was worth making? Why did you ruin it for the rest of us? Will you stop at nothing to make an already cold raw material even less appealing? Anti-Yo provides entertainment in that it has issues. they’ve always had issues, and I love them for it. Would I buy one that’s unmasked again? Absolutely. Would I recommend that others polish the response area? Absolutely. Would I ask Andre, Sonny, or Kiya for a refund for my exhausting three minutes of work? Absolutely not. If you don’t want to waste your time, use a metal polish to smooth it out. Not a lot, mind you, but instead of spending 20 minutes on your jeans, you could be finished in a couple maybe three minutes with Mother’s Mag. Anodizing is tough, it won’t rub off so easily.

There’s no right answer, but if Anti Yo spent an extra three weeks working out the kinks, I’d be more annoyed than if they had suggested that I do it myself. I’m an impatient person and I’d rather roll up my sleeves and do it myself than wait for someone else.

Different strokes, I guess. In other news, their new prototype looks amazing, but it may be too much for the faint of heart.


Thank you Kansas. This whole string-cutting blast “issue” has always annoyed me. After doing AngelDust for a long time I saw that that could be an issue so I started scrubbing the catch area myself before shipping out. However, it is an honest mistake, and certainly not one that should make people not want the entire yoyo…

Then again, Anti-Yo has never been for everyone. Hence the name. They are against the “cookie-cutters”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really enjoy the Anti-yo throws (I just got another in the mail today!) and although the blast thing should have been fixed, after a little rub with something denim - like the pouch they come in - there is really no problem at all, and they play fine.

It is true, some Anti-Yos been known to cut through strings. This is the fault of the string.

Consider the immediate solution: Replace the string. Why? Because it is broken, duh!

Or, blame the yo-yo. Sand down the inner response area with denim. Protect your investment: wear polyester gloves, clean the bearing 3 times, and of course never play with these yo-yos unless you’re standing over carpet or in a foam padded room.

When strings are faulty and snap, the yo-yo may acquire dings. And then it will be beautiful.

I got a polished YWET for sale ;D No string cutting problems here! But seriously, it’s not a huge problem, it can easily be fixed with a bit of elbow grease. A lot of Peaks have to be tuned, yet they are some of the most popular yoyos out there. Let’s say we bring the yoyos a few years back. People would be CRAZY about it. The original Bapezilla was loved. So why aren’t these yoyos? It’s because these are outdated. The standards now are the yoyo has to have massive rim weight and be h shaped or v shaped, or people don’t like it, or consider it not “competition” worthy. A classic shape like this just isn’t worth people’s money anymore I guess.

That is not entirely true. The OneDrop 54, an organic, classic shape regularly sells out. Why? Because it is a GOOD organic shaped yoyo. The Bapezilla (1 or 2) is … a Bapezilla.

And remember it was also the first yoyo to have Side Effects.

I got a bapezilla 2 around a week ago and has quickly jumped into my top three yo-yos. Now I am not used to the newer rim weighted yo-yos. I yoyoed back in 06-08 and always wanted a bapezilla so I instantly needed the bape 2 when I saw it was far less than the bape went for. I would reccomend the bape 2 or any other anti yo because they are a true joy to throw. It may not be the best yoyo performance wise but is that all its about I enjoy relaxing with a yoyo far more than anything else.

Don’t blame Anti-Yo as being the lone string cutter. A number of other popular yoyos have had similar problems. The HSPIN Pyro comes immediately to mind.

I paid full price for my Bapezilla.2 when they were first released and don’t regret it for a second. Yeah, it may not be for everyone, but it’s one of my favorite throws to play on and to hang on to. The string wear was a pain, and it took time to wear it in - but I personally love it all the more for having to work with it a bit harder than some of my other throws.

Again - not for everyone, but certainly good enough for me.

Some of the original Punchlines had string cutting issues. It was an easy fix though, and totally worth it. It’s my favorite yo-yo. I have 3 original punchlines. All of them had the string cutting problem. I fixed it on all of them. Once fixed, there was no problems with play whatsoever. They played smooth, like new, like they should. Two of them still do, but one has hit the ground several times.