Do you use extra long string?

Do you guys use extra long string? ??? ???

I do sometimes for the fun of it. I know Zammy Ickler uses it for just standard play cause he like really long string. And I’m sure anybody that throw tourniquet would use it.

I tried the YYF “Super Long String” and I’m all but certain they make it that long as a gag. At full length, I can’t even throw a sleeper with my hand extended all the way in the air! I’m not tall, but at 5’10" I’m not THAT short either.

In general, I do not use extra long. The standard length that pre-tied YYE string comes at is perfect for me for the time being.

I’ve tried. sometimes use it just for fun. but for any style other than tourniquet, it seems too unwieldy.
standard belly button height (or an inch or so above) is what I use for most things. arm length for 2a.

Yes. I like having a lot of string to work with.

I have to cut it or the yoyo will hit the ground

Actually, I usually use short string to improve my speed when I’m doing technical tricks but I’ve never really tried long string before ???

I use Stock length Toxic strings…it makes it easier for slack and body tricks and I think Zammy does the same

Unless you’re crazy good and use lots of slack or body tricks, overlong string just slows you down and looks awkward. Not a fan.

One time…

I made a string that was like ten feet long…

Done it too, makes for some pretty interesting results.

Some advice I’ve heard Alex Hattori say “use long sting for creativity and short string for accuracy”,(not an exact quote but it was something like that).

Yeah, GIANT gt.

The longest string I ever made was just over 16 feet long and was a special request for Dr. Yoyo, Chris Allen for an attempt at a “Shoot The Moon” World Record. The ‘long’ string available in web stores is usually intended for inhumanly tall people or, more specifically, for off-string play. I think the thought is, longer string, more spin and easier catches.


I have more fun with longer string. I’m just under six feet and use default kitty string, which is about 1.15 meters I believe. Short string is significantly easier to land with though, so pick based on your situation instead of writing one or another off s the better. Thickness of the string is fun to play arond with too, I made a type 16 string thats super smooth and makes even your most unresponsive yoyo responsive.

Short String=Faster
Long String=Smoother

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Not necessarily but you can go a bit faster with shorter string.

A string which I still have, which is actually closer to 26 feet, and a record I have yet to break.

The only thing I broke was “Skin” on my shoulder from repeated misses. I remember being knocked down from that thing.

Miss you Paul.

Miss you as well buddy. :frowning:


This is a fact although I’ve been changing to different sizes.

A lot of my arm type tricks/combos require a longer based string. Zack Gormley uses long string due to this reason as well. If you get used to it, it really helps out with slack based tricks and arm combos but its risky to use due to jams up.