Do you use extra long string?

Long string feels very uncomfortable for me. I use Fat Kitty, and there is usually 3 inches (or more) cut off after I make my slip knot. I am kinda short for a grown man (5’10"), and my reach isn’t all that great.

ya, i usually cut my yysl ammo or type x about 6 inches above my belly button :wink:

I tie my knot an inch above the bottom of my sternum. Just long enough with the posture I have that it won’t hit the ground.

Tried it once, but I don’t like it. I find that it much too unwieldy, which I found out after accidently smashing my yoyo on the ground a few times. Luckily the yoyo (YYF Boss) just got a few scratches.

Extra long? Noo cuz right when u throw a breakaway it hits the flooor

I find that longer string is more comfortable to an extent while shorter string helps speed and accuracy. I prefer longer string since I like technical string tricks and longer string is more comfortable (especially when working with new tricks).

After experimenting with string length, I’ve found my favored length is a slipknot tied around 3 to 3.5 inches above the belly button. When trimming for length, I hold my hand against my stomach (fingers lined up together), line up the side of my pinky with my belly button and tie the knot where the string passes my index. Just long enough for tech and arm combos while maintaining enough control for me.

I always thought YYF made super long string when Jensen started doing tourniquet

I’m pretty sure that why but they never marketed it for tourniquet because of how from what i know it didn’t catch on very well as a sub style

Jensen made his own long string by combining two regular 100% poly strings and knot/melting them together.


I cut my string about 3 inches above my belly button. A bit long, but it feels just right for picture tricks and slacks.

I like my loop about 3 inches above my belly button :slight_smile: