Do You Prefer Long or Short String?

See, as someone with a long torso and limbs (classic ectomorph), anything under a certain length feels very limiting. Triple or nothings become super tight with less room to move for me; add that extra inch or two and it’s amazing how much more floaty and free my play is.

I’ve realized after measuring, my ideal string length is approx 140-160cm.

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Pre-tied drives me CRAZY! Give me a long piece of string let me decide lol. Magic does this with their string and it always feels like such a waste!

Now that I think about it, untying 100 knots that were in the wrong place would be the worst.

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I’m just picky as heck, my dude! Give me long string no pre-set knots let me do it LOL :sunglasses:

With all of that said, what brand strings come to mind from anyone when I mention long strings as-is out of box, no pre-loops etc.?

Open to any and all suggestions!

Some (all?) Markmont strings are available in 65”.

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This might be an unpopular opinion now, but I think more people should play with significantly shorter strings. In the same way learning on a responsive yoyo builds better form/flow/habits, I feel like there’s so many benefits to short string. It seems like a lot of people now just instantly jump to long string.

I swapped over to longer strings to boost my consistency when I started learning more modern tech from my favorite Japanese players. But if I wasn’t doing tricks like that, I’d have no reason to use the string length I do. Simple elements can look good with long string, but it just requires a much higher level of control. Nothing wrong with preferring long string, but I think starting long is kind of a trap in the same way as starting on an unresponsive.

A good word of advice on string length is “only as much is required for your longest trick.”


@mable I tend to agree with this view. I play outside a lot and whether its dingable objects/concrete nearby or even people, I have so much more control with a shorter string. I in turn almost never ding my throws, can stay more relaxed around people, and its generally easier to flow.


Totally makes sense, peeps! I’m always the odd ball with everything I do; left handed, always like the less popular options by nature etc., lol.

One thing that blows my mind is people doing triple or nothing starters with shorter string. I need room for that!

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Same. I could never seem to get triple or quadruple or nothing unless I have longer string.

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Prefer Longer String. I can always make it shorter.

I cut a string three times and it was still to short. Once… A bunch of times.


I prefer short. Just under belly button.
just always done that way


I mostly play pretty fast, so shorter string for me. Mine are belly button length, which is about 105cm. Triple or nothing is fine for me, but I don’t think I can do quadruple or nothing.


Wouldn’t you know who won the string poll in the other thread LOL :sunglasses:.

i tend to prefer slightly undersized throws to make more room too. yoyos have gotten really wide… i like a few wider than 40 mm, but still i generally like about the size of fh1 or a pinch smaller.


For me it defiantly depends on what type of mood I am in LOL :rofl:

Right now I am loving shorter strings (just below my belly button) - A general rule of thumb is that by playing with shorter strings you play faster and have more control ( at least looking like you do LOL)

I also LOVE dabbling in extra long play which I find is a lot more easier to come up with more interesting mounts/ideas.

Both sizes have its advantages and disadvantages for sure!


Short all day

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Yellow = Kitty OG (Philippines)
Orange = modern Kitty:

Turns out the new SOCHI string is very similar to the OG Kitty and is the same length, so that’s what I’ll be going with for bulk strings from here.